Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 1st: Success and Failure

April 1st is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on me-like Halloween. I never have a cool Halloween costume because I always wait until the last minute. Same with April 1st- I never have any cool tricks because I don't have any plans.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Not this year.

This year I got Guapo.

Ok, this may gross you out but, unbeknownst to Guapo, I still have my home pregnancy test from when I found out I was pregnant with Pedro (...and the one from Juan Carlos but that one looked a little more worn). I know it's gross, but I just can't make myself throw them away-it's the first proof I have of their existence. I must be getting softer in my old age because I didn't keep the ones from Margarita or Julio. I hope they don't need therapy one day because I kept the other kids' tests and I didn't keep their tests.

where was I?

right, April Fool's Day.

So I waited all day for Guapo to come home from work. That's not easy for me. I am not a patient person, especially when I have a present for someone or a trick to play on them. I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of it and emailing it, but I could do that without an actual test in hand and the test's very existence was going to be the convincing factor. At one point during the day I decided I was going to send the little item with Sergio the Driver to Guapo's office; ultimately, I decided against it since I really wanted to see his face.

So, he finally came in and I was kind of quite and then I told him I had some disturbing news (not that a baby is disturbing news mind you, but a 5th baby when my 4th just turned a year, and we live in a small apartment in the middle of a big city in the middle of a foreign country, etc, etc. would be slightly disturbing at this point).

He pointed to the calendar and said, "I know what today is-this isn't going to work" and I said, "I know. I was going to wait until tomorrow so you'd believe me, but I couldn't NOT tell you. But, I guess, if you want, I'll wait until tomorrow"


(I start up the stairs)

"No no no, tell me now."

"no, it's ok, tomorrow will be better."

"did you crash your car?Is it something that is going to cost us a lot of money?"

(me, acting offended) "no, I did NOT crash the car, but yes, it is going to cost us A LOT of money"

"What is it?"

I lead him into the bathroom and start digging through the drawer (where the heck did I stash it again???). "Well, it's just that when I went to the pharmacy today to get Julio's medicine (poor Julio has strep AGAIN), I just picked up a test because I have been sooooo tired lately"

His face goes white. "What? You're kidding me."

I finally locate and whip out the ole positive test (no, that's not me in the picture). I'm about to start laughing really, really hard, so I bury my face in my hands and turn it into a kind of frantic, nervous cry/laugh*.

At which point he puts his arm around me and tells me it will be just fine and not to worry.

At which point I abort the mission. I couldn't take it-he was being so sweet, just exactly how I would need him to act if I was actually in that situation. I just couldn't keep it going.

So, I finally come up with a good joke and I can't even let it play out for 45 seconds.

Note to self for April 1, 2009: less emotional joke

Back to the drawing board

*Guapo did tell me I totally had him and that the fake crying was some of the best acting he has ever seen from me (I am a horrible liar; not that I lie a lot, but when I try, it's always painfully obvious).


Awesome Mom said...

Lol! Good one!

Jules said...

We are laughing so hard. Especially at "Is it going to cost us a lot of money?" and the fake crying. Way to go!

utmommy said...

I never have a good trick. That was great!

Ballerina Girl said...

We were laughing so much also! Really good one...help me think of one next year...I was thinking it would have been cool to do the same, but that won't work now, husband has read this! That's ok, it was good to share it!
Hope Julio is feeling better...

marina said...

that was a really good one!! and your sweet husband so loving and caring !!
Oh, Gabs I should of kept my test too not knowing it would of been my last one . these was a really good story. marina

Janice said...

I hate April fools and refuse to be a part of it. But that said, a good friend of my mine did that same joke on her husband, after a vas. and his first question was, "Is the baby mine?"

Maine Mom said...

You are GOOD! I love how you smoothly tell him that you'll wait until tomorrow and then he just can't wait to hear the news!

Janet said...

That's a great one! He fell for it even after he pointed out what day it was. What a good little actress you are!

I took a picture of all my pregnancy tests before I threw them away.

Kari said...

Perfect, just perfect. I need to think of something good for next year.

Traci said...

The "note to self" is what cracked me up. poor girl. but sweet, sweet husband. now you gotta really get him something good for father's day. ;)

Anonymous said...

You need to throw out those tests.

No Cool Story said...

HA!!! Well played!

Beware though, Guapo is really good at comebacks.

Calandria said...

i can't believe he fell for it even knowing the date! you must be a much better actress than you thought (and he thought)!

Tyler and Karen said...

That is the greatest story. We are dying. It's good to see Guapo all caring now. You've done well with the man.

Darci said...

Hey Gabby did you live in Venezuala? My sister is moving there in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if it was you that I knew that lived there.