Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I've Been a Lame Blogger As of Late

1. Dengue. Guapo is ok and on the mend. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

He was in bad shape for a few days and much to his chagrin spent a day and a night in the hospital (he wanted to be able to say he had never spent the night in a hospital. Is that so like a man or what?). He is doing much better but is still tired.

When you have a husband as great and helpful as mine, the removal as him as a team player really hurts. During the first week of the dreaded dengue I was falling in to bed every night exhausted.

2. Juan Carlos's birthday. His much anticipated Star Wars party was canceled due to the dengue outbreak which was not an easy thing for a 5 year old to accept. But, we rescheduled for a week later. His birthday this year was celebrated on 3 separate days: his actual birthday which he was home sick from school for, the next day when I took cup cakes to his class, and then the day of his party.

10 little boys ages 3-5 + light sabers made from pool noodles + 2 1/2 hours = INSANITY

(When I went to Houston I had bought 6 "real" light sabers for the party, thank goodness I had to invite more kids in order to be "politically correct" and used instead the noodles-those kids would have killed each other!)

3. Guests: Guapo's folks came into town last Tuesday. They are always fun to have around and have been so helpful with the kids and giving me a break.

...but, touring, indulging in delicious Brazilian cuisine and getting pedicures leaves little time for blogging.

4. This book about Marie Antoinette:

A very good read if you are into queens, royalty, guillotines, etc.

I promise to blog regularly starting...NOW!


marina said...

I am so gald to hear Guapo is safe I read about that dengue: that must have really been a scare didn't sound good,But God is good and he herd our prayers!
MMMM!!Brazilian cuisine and pedicures sounds good to me!!
I saw the Move Marie Antoninette and really like it awhole lot I bet the book is better I wounder what happen to her children at the end? let me know on the book ? and then watch the move and tell me which was better.
I am gald everything trun our ok.marina

marina said...

PS. I notice on your blog you have start counter do you like it? and is it really free? and how does it work? ok so I was too lazy to ready all about the whole thing just need a run down on it if you have the time. thanks marina

Janice said...

Glad to know he is better. I love visitors and pedicures. I need to get one.

nikko said...

Glad to hear that Guapo is on the mend. That must be a nice feeling. :o)

Janet said...

Glad you all survived the sickness...and the light saber party.
How do you pronounce "dengue"? I keep reading it like it's "dang" fever! :)

Awesome Mom said...

I am so glad that your family is getting healthy again. Good idea using pool noddles for light sabers! I will file that away for later use.

Kari said...

Whew, a relief to have Guapo getting better...anytime spent in the hospital is tooooooo long.

I'm glad someone else's kids uses those noodles to beat on each I thought they were for pool flotation, but my kids just use them for weapons.

Ballerina Girl said...

Glad to hear everyone is ok....
we really must stop chatting like this and
love ya!

Maine Mom said...

Those are all very good reasons to keep you away from the computer! I have been thinking about you and your husband. I'm glad he is on the mend and hopefully he'll be back to helping you soon!

utmommy said...

You've got plenty of reasons to not be blogging.

I'm in desperate need of a pedicure.

Happy Birthday to Juan Carlos.

So glad Guapo is on the mend.

k-squared's mom said...

Glad to know that Guapo's doing well. You deserve all the pedicures your heart desires!!! Happy birthday to JC.

Calandria said...

That's too bad Guapo had to go to the hospital. (What is it with men that this is a bragging point? Didn't Pres. Hinckley even used to say something about never spending the night in a hospital until he was 94 or something?) Anyway, so glad he got better!

Why was it "politically correct" to invite more kids to the birthday? That's the kind of birthday party my son would have LOVED! That's a great idea to use pool noodles. I might steal that idea.

Nice pedicure.

Gabriela said...

Marina: when MA was killed, she had two living children, her son died shortly thereafter of tuberculosis and her daughter lived into her 70's or 80's.
The stat counter is free-it tracks traffic on your site.

Janet: it is pronounced like den-gay with the emphasis on the "den".

Calendria: Yes-that's totally where he got it from (pres. Hinckley). I had to be PC with the birthday party in that I had to invite more kids than I wanted to because I knew moms would talk and feelings would be hurt if their kids weren't invited. :)