Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

This is a big week for me. Mother's Day and my birthday. I was actually born on Mother's Day, and sometimes it falls on the same day. I used to think this was pretty cool but now it sometimes all blends in to one holiday.

I really used to love my birthday. I would count down the months, then the weeks, and then the days. Up until I was about 27 and then I started to not love it quite so much. And now that I am entering my (gasp!) mid-thirties (agggggghhhhhh!) I'm really not loving it. Oh well. What can you do?

I had a nice day despite the mid-30's thing.

I started out the new year right by going for a run. While running I saw the most curious thing.

A man, obviously in good shape, was running (much faster than I was running) towards me. He was wearing running shoes, black running shorts, and no shirt and was carrying something small and white in his hand that caught my eye. He proceeded to lift his hand to his mouth and take a puff of the white thing. IT WAS A CIGARETTE. He was smoking while he was running. Bizarre. Truly Bizzare.

Let's see. Then Ballerina Girl took me out to lunch and spoiled me rotten:

We walked around the mall making fun of all of the 80's style footwear that seems to be making a comeback.

Guapo came home early from work and fixed dinner (friend pork chops, mashed potatoes and salad). Margarita made me a cake. Everyone gave me presents and then, the sweetest thing, everyone watched Napoleon Dynamite with me. Guapo is not a fan, so it was a big sacrifice for him and I love him for it!

It almost made me wish my birthday was everyday. But then I'd be really old...

Oh, just one more thing, and this has nothing whatsoever to do with my birthday, but today I went to get a LONG overdue haircut. When Alexandre, my "stylist", saw me he said, "Wow, your hair has gotten really... ( long pause while he searched for the right word in English) BIG".

I had to just laugh and agree. I have been walking around for weeks now like Monica when she went to the Bahamas. Not pretty.



marine's words said...

Happy Birthday!! and I fianlly got to see BG I knew she was beautiful already she has such a sweet way about her!and I can't wait to see your knew hair cut,
I know what you mean my B-day is Feb.13 and I don't like that b/c that means one day of presents and the other days of cards. One day before valentine's day.
and I can't get over that guy somking while he ran does he think he is doing himself good? LOL,marina

Ballerina Girl said...

can't wait to see the less big hair!
Call me soon!
Love, BG

Kari said...

Happy Birthday to you, Gabriela! Sounds like the 80's ARE coming back, with your big hair and the shoes you saw...

Go figure on the smoking runner. He'll probably live to be 110.

Awesome Mom said...

Happy birthday!

Smoking while running? That is just crazy!

utmommy said...

Why run if you are smoking?

I loved that episode of Friends. Hope you enjoy your haircut.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you. Glad you had such a great day. I wish I could've been there to celebrate with you. As far as getting older goes, at least you have good genes. Look at your mom. You are going to look 28 for the next 15 years at least!

Maine Mom said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day! My husband would have LOVED watching Napoleon Dynamite with you, me...not so much. :-) I'm glad you spent the day with your family and friends AND got a much needed haircut. Sounds just about perfect to me.

Janice said...

Wow! Happy Birthday!

Super Happy Girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm the worst BOFF. I knew your bday was also in May, but what with all the focus on me me me me and sutff ;)

Ok, so really, how old are you?
ITA with Kari, the 80's are coming back, big hair and all.

Ballerina Girl said...

Don't forget to send me that foto...
mine is as bad as I thought it was hahaha!
Love ya

Janet said...

Happy Birthday!
I would assume you have big hair all the time in that climate. :)

Lei said...

rofl...i love friends!

that is crazy about the smoking runner. what is he thinking?

happy bday...mine is this weekend!

Lana said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jordanna said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I miss you guys! Leo and I got a house in Utah, in the Daybreak area of South Jordan, so we're looking to stay here for at least 5 years. :) It's nice to be back in the US, but I also miss the expat life... :( Well, my blog is so feel free to check it out!

andalucy said...

I think we need before and after photos of the hair cut. :-)

Happy (belated) birthday!! I knew we were more or less the same age but didn't realize how close. My birthday is Sunday. And yes, I completely sympathize with not being quite so thrilled about the actual number this year. "Mid-thirties." Blech! We're practically middle-aged! :-)

Seems you had a good time and that's the important thing when you get this old.

I like your new font. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! They aren't much fun as we get older, but it sound like your day turned out to be a good one.

Karla said...

Sounds like your birthday was great! Sounds like May is a party month for you!

Fabiola said...

Hi Gabriela,

Is a late Happy Birthday still good? I hope it is ; )

Well, I just came back from a shoe shopping trip and I think you would love it. There is this street down here in São Paulo, it is called Rua Bem te vi and there are countless shoes stores. The eights are definitely back, but some shoes are still wonderful. Check the web site and you will see.


Anonymous said...

If that smoking runner was actually faster than you, then I'm taking up smoking. Watch out in our next 1/2 marathon, kiddo. I'm a smokin' . yo mama

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, tell that "Belly Dancer" friend of yours that I said hi. I'm glad she made your b-day special. Great pic of the 2 of you.
yo mama