Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday's Random Notes


Boa Noche. *Make that Boa Noite-(thanks for the correction Emily-I was just trying to show off my tri-lingualness with my awesome "portunhol"). I've got nothing too exciting to write about but here're a few random thoughts.

New Header Photo

Yes, that is actually me sitting in the chair. My mom asked me yesterday if I had lifted it from a hotel pamphlet. Nope, it's me. It's a Guapo special, I didn't even tell him to take it.

American Idol

So I'm sitting here watching American Idol. Sheyesha's up next.

Huh? But it's just David and David now.

No, not here in Brazil. We are a week behind. Kind of a bummer. I really like both of the Davids. Little David is so cute in a geeky kind of way, and I really like Bigger David's voice. I think Little David will win. I just don't think you can compete with a bunch of hyper Mormons.

(*Ok, so I was wrong here. What the heck happened Utah??? Poor Little David.)

Mom Guilt

Today I was being used as a jungle gym by my two big boys. Exasperated, I asked, "Why must you climb all over me?"

Juan Carlos (5 yrs old) looked at me with his sweet, big, eyes and said, "Because we like you mom!"

Ok, how bad did I feel? (You have to cut me a little slack here though-I've been a single mom since Sunday and still have a couple of days to go.)

Your Average Joe

Every third guy on the street here looks like my brother Joe. It's the oddest thing. There is a whole slew of Joe look-alikes here:

  • tall Joes
  • short Joes
  • young Joes
  • old Joes
  • muscular Joes
  • skinny Joes
  • fat Joes
And it's not just in my head. Guapo is constantly pointing out Joes too. Odd.

That's all. Enjoy American Idol for me. I'll be catching it next week.


Karla said...

That is an awesome picture - I wondered if that was you also. Good shot Guapo!

Kari said...

Excellent header photo. LOL on the brother Joe thing.

Unknown said...

Great picture, makes a great header!

I have been a "single mom" the past few days as well with a sick husband here. It's hard! The patience runs thin after awhile. What a heart melting response from Juan Carlos.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read about you guys on such a refualr basis. But what does boa noche mean??

utmommy said...

Way to go Guapo! That's a great photo!

marine's words said...

I didn't think you all got american idol,Yes David C won I think he has a wouderful voice!!
I was wondering since your always talking about Utah I don't know if youa are form there however have you ever herd of a Health product call Usana they make them there?
thank's Gab,marina

andalucy said...

That Simon totally sabotaged the results. People felt bad for Big David because Simon was so dismissive of him, so they voted for Big David! The Utah people felt secure in Little David's victory, so they didn't go hyper on the voting. Oh well.

That's an awesome photo. And the best is that you didn't have to ask him to take it.

That is weird about your brother. Now I'm curious. Do you have a picture of him you could post? Maybe you could start a "Joe of the Week" series. :-)

Super Happy Girl said...

Guapo did a great job with that picture.

"Because we like you mom!" Awwwww.