Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Remember Me?

Do you ever not blog for a while, and then when you go to start, it's really really hard?

That's where I'm at right now, so I figure I am just going to post a little nothing post to get me started again.

Quick review:

-My BIL "WonderBoy" was, in fact, able to fix my computer a couple weeks after it died on me. I didn't have any software on it though until we got back to Brazil on Saturday. It's good to be reunited with my computer again.

-The vacation with the maid was wonderful-I highly recommend it! I've decided I really only want a maid when I go on vacation; now that I'm back in my normal life I'm finding myself annoyed by having someone in my house again.

-Returning to a home in a country that is not home, no matter how cool, fun, and pretty the country is, is hard. Sometimes it is harder than others. This is one of those times.

-Returning home in first class does make it a tad bit easier. Guapo was upgraded and like the gentleman he is, he gave me his seat while he somehow managed the 16 hours of flight time with the 4 kids ALONE. Do I have the best husband or what?

-My kids started school yesterday. Because their summer was so quick (7 weeks), and we were gone for all but 2 days of it, it doesn't feel like they are starting a new year but just picking up where they left off in June. But, alas, it's true: Juan Carlos (5 years old) is really starting kindergarten this year.

-And I have an annoying cold that is making me grouchy (in case you didn't notice).

So that's what we're doing. I lost my bloglines info with the computer crash, but slowly but surely I will make it to visit you soon. :)


Awesome Mom said...

Your husband is amazing!!! I think that being in first class sans kids would be my idea of flying heaven.

di said...

welcome back! hope that you had a great vacation!

nikko said...

First class with no kids? Your DH deserves a medal.

Glad you had such a great vacation. :o)

Ballerina Girl said...

Guapo is my hero!!!
love having you back ;)

Sketchy said...

I feel exactly the same when I haven't blogged for a while! I really have to force myself.

Yay Guapo! Yay first-class!

Maine Mom said...

It's so nice to hear from you again! You had 16 hours ALONE on the plane in first class?...how sweet is that?! You DO have a great husband!

I hope your kids have a great school year. Enjoy your time with Pedro. He'll be joining his siblings before you know it. Then what are you going to do with yourself???

Get better soon.

txmommy said...

welcome home.

That is sure a nice husband you have!

Janet said...

What a nice guy guapo is. I'm sure you would have done the same for him, right? :)
Welcome back, I hope your kids have a great school year!

Ave said...

Aren't summer colds the pits, I have one now too and probably gave it to all of Calandria's kids. Glad you're back! Your posts often give me a much needed laugh

My Full Hands said...

Glad to have you back, hope you're feeling better soon.

utmommy said...

What a great husband.

Yeah for having your computer back.

Sorry you have a cold, hope you feel better soon.

Abby said...

I wore the havaianas today...very cute and comfortable, thanks again! It was so fun to get to know you guys (in person!). Glad you made it back safe and sound:)

Janice said...

Not only do I remember you, I missed you. Welcome back.

Marina said...

welcome back you where miss :) marina

momofalltrades said...

I'm glad you're back!

No Cool Story said...

YAY for Guapo!
and YAY for having my BOFF back!