Friday, February 13, 2009

Best of Brazil: Art Classes

One of the coolest things about living here is that the kids have a chance to have art classes, in our home, each week from a real live artist (at least that's what he tells us. Just kidding, I've seen his work-he's legit). Both Margarita and Julio are artistically inclined (at least according to their proud mom) and I'm so happy they have this opportunity right now. It's not the cheapest activity they've ever been involved in, but I think it's worth it. I figure we probably won't have a lot of artists willing to come over to our house when we move back to the States. At least not for a price that we could afford. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong?

Here's some of their recent water colors:

They are working on a Revolutionary War theme right now. The above painting is Margarita's. The two below are Julio's.

This one's my favorite, I couldn't believe it when I walked in to check on them and Julio had cranked this baby out in under a half hour:

Cool huh?

And for those of you who have been wondering about my washing machine (I'm sure you've been losing sleep over it), of course the guy never showed up and of course they now don't have the part available until the end of next week and of course Carnaval is starting next week so there's no chance the thing will get fixed before sometime in March.

Guapo is seriously considering just buying a new one. It's that frustrating.

On the maid front-we're having a few issues but my house is SO clean. And she made scones this week. And, I'm pretty sure she ironed my sheets and pillowcases today. Awesome.

Have a great weekend and happy Valentine's day!


Ballerina Girl said...

He is a great artist and mine is loving the class too!
Awesome paintings!
Guess what???
My washer is in the same state of flux! No part until next Thursday, Carnaval a day after that...
hmmmm, wanna go shopping tomorrow for a washer? Maybe they'll give us a break if we buy two together hahaha!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Janice said...

Those are beautiful!

Kari said...

Nice paintings! Wow! :)

Janet said...

Those paintings are really, really cool and your kids are definitely talented! I doubt they will even need lessons anymore when you're back in the states.
And how nice not to have to drive them to art class.

No Cool Story said...

Those are really cool.

Having a super clean house is priceless. No?
Ok, no.

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with the paintings. They have real talent.
Can't wait to see you. Mom

Alyssa said...

Hey Sister! I just saw your blog and I LOVE the pic's that my little niece & nephew made, they are SO talented and I am SO PROUD of them! Give them lots of hugs and kisses for me OK! :)

Fabiola said...

The pictures are great and the last one is really wonderful.

As for the washer.... Just buy a new one, I all for a new appliance... I am taking this road pretty soon with my washer too.