Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Somewhat Happier Post

Things are going ok here.

Repair Update

The hot water heater guy finally showed up today after not having hot water since Friday and it appears that the problem has something to do with the hot/cold water valves for the washing machine (it's not all automatic here like it is in the States, if I want to wash my clothes in hot water, I have to turn the hot water knob on). I guess if they are both on, it kills the heater? So, I don't know-maybe it is working, sort-of? We'll see if I can figure out the secret to getting hot water, otherwise that guy's going to be coming back again.

The washer guy STILL hasn't shown up. The billing people however DID show up at Guapo's office demanding payment for the parts and labor which was interesting. They were pretty ticked when he wouldn't pay up. (me sighing and shaking my head. sometimes I just don't get it.)

Someone's supposed to come tomorrow to fix it. I'll believe it when I see it.

And, for the time being, we're giving up the dream of having a working land-line or in-house phone on our second level where we spend all of our time. So, if the building starts on fire and they are trying to call us from below, I guess we're just out of luck. (Note to self: give my cell number to the guards... )

Luckily all the problems I have are just annoying. We are all healthy and relatively happy, so I don't have that much to complain about.


I finished piecing the quilt for my brother's baby:

Pretty cute, eh? Once again, I would like to try to machine quilt, but I am too afraid to ruin it, so I will hand quilt it-it just takes so much time!

Random Thoughts:

I don't want to forget that the other day Juan Carlos (5 yrs) was eating a piece of cantaloupe and he said to me, "Here mom, you can have the rest of my antelope, I'm done." How cute is that?

It is so hot here right now I feel like I am back in Small Town, Mexico. I constantly have sweat dripping down my face. We don't have central AC, just window units that can't quite keep up with the heat. Sometimes when I start feeling hot, I have to go into a room where it's not on and then return to the original room to get a little relief.

I'm glad Valentine's Day is almost here-I'm getting sick of this background.

That's it from here!


Maine Mom said...

Did you enjoy your antelope? Too cute!

The quilt you made is adorable!

The central AC probably wouldn't work anyway... :-)

Awesome Mom said...

That is an amazing quilt!!!! Your brother is lucky to have you as a sister. I hope that stuff starts working again for you.

nikko said...

Beautiful quilt!

The Four Jepps said...

What an adorable quilt--and what lucky babies to get one of you quilts!

I'm sorry it's so hot. Maybe I should stop complaining about the cold here in Utah and just be happy I'm not sweating everyday.

No Cool Story said...

The quilt is super cute!

I HAHAHAHAed at Maine Mom :D

Mrs. S said...

That quilt is SO beautiful!! I wish I knew how to sew and quilt! You are so talented!!

Thank you for you kind words earlier!! I was having a little tiny bit of a melt down. I call it "hitting the wall" and it happens from time to time. But I do feel better now. I am actually really excited at the possibility of moving to Brasil because i REALLY want to be able to speak portuguese and I think I really have a lot to learn. I think growing up in America really shelters you from the rest of the world.

Anyway I have posted our story in the side bar on my blog. On the left sidebar the links are up. But basically yes, Mr S came here without papers and they have him detained in a US prison in puerto rico. He has been there for 11 months now which is a ridiculous amount of time (the MAXIMUM for someone in Mr S situation is usually 6)..anyway definetly let me know if you have any questions!

Mrs. S said...

Also I was curious, how did you come to live in brazil?

Gabriela said...

Maine Mom: your totally right!

Mrs. S: Guapo's in off-shore oil services job keeps us where the oil is. :) Brazil's a nice place to live.

Kari said...

Hi, Gabriela--

I can TOTALLY imagine the billing-people-demanding-money-for-work-not-done thing happening in Mexico City! Made me chuckle, and I can only see Guapo actually having a little fun telling them where to get off...

Hang in...and the quilt is just too cute!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa said...

My lucky baby is getting that amazing quilt and I'm SO EXCITED!!! Thank you oh thank you sister, its beautiful and I can't wait to see it in person! I think I'm going to plan my whole nursery around it. :) I love you & thank you for all your effort that's gone into making it. XO's

sarah&paulo said...


My name is Sarah and I also live in Brazil. I am just starting to learn to quilt and I have a quick question re your baby quilt. Are the animals pieces, appliqued or are they a block of fabric you purchased. I can not quite tell from the photo. I am just starting some tummy time quilts for friends and seeing your quilt has me inspired.

Thank you in advance!