Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it safely to Colorado after a grueling twenty-two hour trip.

We had what I believe to be the rudest group of flight attendants ever on our Brazil to Houston leg of the trip. I am completely used to, and even understanding of, other passengers not being excited about flying with 4 kids nearby, but when you get on and the flight attendants are acting that way, it's pretty annoying. Every time I asked for something (like hot water to mix up Pedro's milk-really demanding stuff) they would roll their eyes and give a heavy sigh.

Oh well. We made it.

And it's been a great, and very busy, trip so far.

On our first day alone we:

Went to Target twice,

got all the kids much needed haircuts,

bought our first new car EVER- a Honda Odyssey (we ordered it online and just picked it up-never test drove it or even actually been inside one before. Good thing we liked it!):

(isn't it pretty? Gaupo had it installed with both a rear camera and rear sensors so as to decrease the likelihood that I will reverse into something. The sales guy thought it was overkill to have both, but Guapo insisted. It's a good thing, I would have hit a bike that one of the kids parked behind it today were it not for the camera)

met our new nephew/cousin (my brother's son):

and met my mom's new baby, Ms. Priss (she has some other name, but Ms. Priss is much more fitting):

Since the first day it hasn't really slowed down at all. There have been trips to the park, more trips to Target (and Cosco, of course, on Saturday when they have all the yummy samples), and fun around my parents' house.

Julio somehow convinced my dad to get on which was a sight I've never seen before:

(check out how high Julio is)

The neighborhood had a garage sale on Saturday. My mom pulled out some old junk so the kids could participate. They sold a lot of the stuff and made extra money by having a lemonade and donut stand:

This money making activity was of course followed by a quick trip to Target.

They played baseball with Gaupo on Father's Day before he headed back to Brazil (I should add here that he made it into Brazil with 15 pounds of cheddar cheese for the family. He was against the smuggling job, but in the end I won out, and the family will benefit from his selfless act for months :) ):

(... look at those beautiful mountains in the background)

Today I took the kids to a fun water park:

It was pretty funny, my kids were all FREEZING. None of the other hundreds of kids seemed to be bothered by the mid-80 degree weather but my kids had blue lips, were shivering and begging to go home after an hour. I think we've been in the tropics too long.

And finally, my 1/2 marathon looms large. It's this Saturday. The problem is, I fell 10 days ago in Brazil while hiking down this castle thing with Pedro in my arms:

One leg went forward, the other stayed back and my knee got all twisted around. Not good. Today was my first run since then. I wish I could say that my knee hurt during the run and that was the problem, but my knee was fine (I think), I just felt so out of shape. I can't be that out of shape after only 10 days, but mentally, it was tough not to do my last planned long run.

I am just a little nervous about Saturday. I just hope I can finish the darn thing.

Did I mention I LOVE being home?


Ballerina Girl said...

I have to say that I have been so busy, too..BUT I haven't made it to Target yet. What is wrong with me???

R started his camp yesterday, and B got a beautiful dress for the upcoming wedding next year.

Your car is gorgeous and I am so happy your knee doesn't hurt!
I think you are probabaly tired becaus eof running in the altitude also...give yourself a little break, and have a great race! I am so proud of you!!


Kari said...

What a great start to your summer! Loved the photo of your dad jumping on the trampoline. Good luck Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Your Honda is beautiful :) congratulations on your new baby...I am a Honda girl..I LOVE hondas!

Looks like you are off to a good start! Have a great time!!

Good luck with your race too!!

Janice said...

You will love your Honda and soon consider it part of the family. I you will kick a-- at the 1/2 marathon. I know it.

nikko said...

Sorry about the flight attendants. How rude!

Are you taking the van back to Brazil with you?

We are pretty acclimatized to warmer weather now, too. My kids start asking for jackets when it hits about 70°. LOL!

Janet said...

Way to cram lots of summer fun into a few days! :)

Once you go Odyssey, you'll never go back. We love ours.

Lots of luck on the run. I'm sure you'll do great!

Abby said...

I love how much you go to Target, it makes me feel like I totally underutilize it:)

You will be great on your run-- the altitude must be killer! I'm sure you just need a few days to adjust and you'll be ready by Saturday.

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Maine Mom said...

I'm glad you arrived safely. :-)
Too funny that your kids were freezing in mid-80 degree weather. They would be in snowsuits here...60 degrees!

I'm glad you are busy and having fun!

jules said...

Yeah for Target! Glad you made it safe. Does buying a new car mean your are moving back? (We LOVE our Odyssey BTW).
Good luck with your run. You will do great.

marina said...

love your car that is the one I have been wanting.
camps do keep us busy and Taget too have ")
hope you have a nice summer. marina

Sister said...

Hey Sister! As always I love reading your blog, I don't get around to reading it all the time but when I do I crack up. I love the pic of you and my little man & I've got some new ones we recently took that I need to send to you. Anyway, we miss you and are glad that you made it back safely and with all your 13 bags and 17 carry-on's! LOL We can't wait for the day when you stop traveling to another country away from the family and for all the cousins to grow up in the States together..wouldn't that be nice!!

Lots of love & xo's,
Sister, sister :)