Monday, June 08, 2009

Must Let It Go

It's been a week now since the plane crash. It was probably the worst week, emotionally and mentally, that I can remember.

Saturday I attended a memorial for my friend's husband that was heartbreaking. I sat a couple of rows behind the family; seeing her back shake in silent sobs as she clung to her two crying children was not a sight that I'm going to forget anytime soon. I am grateful that she was willing to have a memorial here knowing full well that she's going to have to go through it all again (probably several more times) in Norway. I got to give her a hug and say goodbye; I really needed to do that.

Yesterday she invited a few of her son's best friends over for a little while to play outside with her son before they left for the airport. Juan Carlos cried a lot. He's going to miss his friend.

As I was preparing the little treat bags for the kids for their journey home, Margarita asked if she could include a card. Here it is:

"Hi, I'm very sorry about what happened. Everyone will miss you. Try to be happy and remember that your dad is still your dad and that he loves you very much! Be happy, smile a lot, laugh even more! Have fun back in Norway. We are ALL going to miss you. From: Margarita"

Makes me cry every time I read it.

But, it's a new week. My friend is gone. There is nothing I can do for them now other than continue to pray that they'll have the strength and comfort they need to get through the coming days, weeks, and months and that there will be good people that will lift them up until they are stronger.

I have to let it go.

Thank you to all of you who left kind comments, and to those of you who sent me emails during the week. It helped a lot. And, of course, to my mom, who spent a lot of time crying with me on the phone.

I just now kissed Guapo on his way out the door to catch a flight to the States for the week. I hugged him a little harder and held on a little longer than normal, but I will not live in fear. I will live remembering that each day is a gift, that most of the stuff I worry about isn't important, and that I need to cherish the time that I have with those whom I love.


Next time I'll show you how I organize my kids school work, ok? Try to get things back to normal around here. :)


Ballerina Girl said...

So true, so well said....
Saturday was the worst day in my life, ever. I will also never forget those faces and the sorrow...
but we also had fun with you guys. We must make an effort to do this more often.

I had an awful Sunday, cried throughout the whole mass and most of the day, but today I am moving on also. I felt a little lighter this morning, and maybe it is because If eel the comfort that she is home now.

Love you, call me...

Fabiola said...

As I said to BG, I am glad you are starting to live your lives again. We've been in the same situation with a dear neighboor who passed away on a plane crash in 2006. It is hard, but life is not fair as you said.


Janet said...

What a sweet girl that Margarita is. And how lucky their family is to have friends like you guys. I hope as time goes by things get easier for them and for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm crying and I rarely cry.

nikko said...

You have such a sweet daughter! I hope things get easier for you as time goes on. What a great attitude you have.

Natalie said...

What a wonderful letter little Margarita wrote. She is so sweet.
Tragedies are always so hard.
Please know that you are being thought of and are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

That is soooo sad! You have a sweet daughter!