Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meat Chips

A long time ago I mentioned meat-flavored potato chips in a post. I did not elaborate. I promised I would in the future, and then I never did. How rude. I hope none of you have lost sleep wondering about the whos, whats, wheres, and mainly whys of meat-flavored chips.



A healthy, but by no means exhaustive, selection of meat-flavored chips.

Let's move in order from those I feel most comfortable with to those I tend to shy away from.

I am fairly comfortable with BBQ Rib flavored chips, although I would prefer if they just used the word "Barbecue" and left off the mention of "rib" altogether:

Then we've got our grilled beef flavor:

For those who prefer roasted beef to grilled beef, there's something for you too:

Doesn't the picture look delicious? Doesn't it make you feel like eating...a chip?

Maybe you're not red-meat eater, maybe you would prefer some nice turkey-breast chips (they also have chicken flavored chips, but I couldn't find those on this trip to the store):

And for the least health conscious, we've got my personal favorite (NOT), sausage chips:

Please don't think I am mocking Brazilian potato chips. The reason this post is so long in coming is that every time I buy the meat-flavored chips, before I can even take pictures of them, my kids wolf them down. I practically had to wrestle these bags out of their grubby little hands this morning. It wasn't pretty. I sent them away, almost in tears, with some much less exciting pretzels.

I should also mention here that Brazilians, in general, do not love chips the way Americans do. The chip section in the store takes up just a teeny little space and the biggest bag you can get is about 2X one of these snack-size bags. Maybe that's why they tend to be thinner than Americans.

Anyway, I've got to hide these bags before the kiddos get home or it will be a feeding frenzy. (Too late, Pedro just came up and noticed them on the couch)



Janice said...

You must bring back a carne asada bag for me. I loved the real stuff in Argentina, so those have to be good right? :)

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

In Canada they sell Ketchup Chips- which my hubby and kids LOVE!!! They are chip and ketchup lovers to begin with- so the combo makes them very happy- I personally can do without.

And Chips are just one of the reasons Americans are not thin- wonder if my son will bring any of those home next week-

Ballerina Girl said...

ok, i can not adapt enough to try these...
one day I will ask Julio or Margarita what they taste like
;) BG
ps-let me know how the book is going if you an come up for air!

Janet said...

Turkey for me please! :)
Too funny!

Ave said...

Hot dog flavord chips are just plain strange. I do like chips in my subway sandwiches, I wonder how beef chips would do in a US market?

Abby said...

I'd rather stick to sour cream and onion.

Are you reading Catching Fire yet?

Gabriela said...

Janice: I'll bring you a bag in Dec.

BG: It's good. I'll have it back to you by Friday.

Abby: Oh yeah. As I type.

Gabriela said...

BG: Make that tomorrow.

Awesome Mom said...

Ugh! I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to chips and most of the time I get plain.

Fabiola said...

Gabriela, you are right. We (Brazilians) are not chip lovers. I buy a box of Pringles (Original) every once and a while and it takes forever to eat : )