Friday, September 04, 2009

A Little Weekend Away

We are headed out of town for the first of many long weekends before Christmas (I think we have 6 or 7 more). We are going up to the mountains where we have rented a two-home property with some friends.

Our friends have two very mild-mannered, well behaved, QUIET, girls. I think they're going to be in shock when spend more than an hour with Pedro, Juan Carlos and Julio, but they assure us they will still like us after the weekend no matter what happens. At least we have our own houses.

Our friends are British. They've already taught lots of new "British" words. Did you know a band aid is a "plaster"? Or that instead of four thirty they say "half four"? I always knew that "queue" was a line but I never knew how to pronounce it (just like the letter, "Q") My favorite one that I've recently learned is that if something is going badly, it is going "pear-shaped" as in "this afternoon's gone pear-shaped on me". Isn't that so descriptive?

Anyway, I'll be sure to catch you all up on Monday when we get back.

What would a Brit say for goodbye? Toodles? Ta-ta for now?


Janice said...

Have fun.

Stephanie said...

Or maybe Cheerio! In which case my best friend from grade school would have responded with fruit loop! Because that's how we talked for a whole month driving our families insane hahaha, sorry that reminded me of that!

That is really interesting though! I always think it's interesting what people use for phrases...though lately I have been thinking about sound plop or buzz or meow. I have found in Brazil sound words are very different!

Anyway have a great vacation (s)!!!