Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Curse You, Cursive Writing

Julio, 9 years old, is loathing school right now. Why? Cursive writing, of course. This semester, all of their work is to be done only in cursive and if they forget and print, they have to copy their work over again (this has happened to Julio a couple of times).

We here at home have heard about it every day since school started last Monday: how his hand hurts, how it's NOT fair, how his teacher's e-vil, how he's QUITTING SCHOOL AND NEVER WRITING IN CURSIVE AGAIN, EV-ER!

And sometimes I almost believe him.

After a serious meltdown yesterday afternoon that required some listening and counseling by his dad, Gaupo came to me in the kitchen and said, "That's one cat who hates cursive."

So true. So, so, true.

He brought home a vocabulary test today for me to sign. They had 8 vocabulary words that they needed to use in 8 sentences; however, they would only be graded on 5, the extra 3 were just insurance in case they got any wrong.

Here's Julio's paper (click to see it bigger):

He only wrote 5 sentences, which he got all right (notice the "Great!" in the upper left hand corner), so she asks him why didn't he follow directions and write 8 sentences and he basically responds, "Ummm, duh, lady, because you make us write in cursive all day long and I'm sick of it!"

I love this paper for four reasons:

1) the honesty
2) the spunk-just look at that exclamation point
3) that he responds to her question in print, not in cursive-another little jab
4) sentence #3 about Joaquin not paying attention; he's the class trouble maker who teaches all the other kids bad words and is generally disruptive at all times.

Aren't kids great?


Betty W said...

Hilarious!! I love kids honesty!
And I HATE cursive too!

Awesome Mom said...

lol! I am so looking forward to cursive.... not! It is hard enough to get Evan to hold the pencil the right way to write in printing. I am hoping that I can get him to write neater so that he does not end up like my husband who has horrid penmanship.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

he he he- there have been a few things in the news here about cursive and whether it even still needs to be taught. My oldest learned to print in the D'Neilian (sp?) way and it made a big difference in going into cursive. and Joaquin better be careful since he turned into blog fodder :)

Honesty is so hilarious some times.

Ballerina Girl said...

Ok...I am dying here! Too funny...#3 had me "giggling"
I love the hand written "my hand hurts". Just what she should get as a response!
You got one tough, smart cookie there!


Unknown said...

"because my hand was hurting!"...in print...I love it!

I think the school here could do more with cursive writing. Emily WANTS to learn how to write in cursive, so she practices on her own. Even Eleanor writes her name in cursive. Maybe Julio and my girls should trade places. :-)

I laughed when you posted on my blog under your husband's account. I get so annoyed at myself when I post a comment on someone's blog under my husband's account or one of my girls. I have to post a new comment explaining the mistake, too. :-)

Chloe m said...

Ha..that is too funny! I hated doing cursive in school. Especially making that dang Z. Supposedly they aren't going to be teaching cursive much anymore. Just enough to sign your name. Who can read it anyways?
Your son's note to the teacher was pretty clever. :)
Thanks for stopping by my blogs.
Hope you guys are doing well.

Lynne said...

That is the best! I hate cursive too--I never use it.

andalucy said...

Good for Julio! He sounds like my 9-yr old. The teachers here finally gave up on my kids doing perfect little cursive like the Spanish kids. They let them print.

Janet said...

That's awesome. I love it! :)

The beach post is hilarious too. That Pedro - what a cutie!

Fabiola said...

He is the cutest.....

By the way, when are you coming to São Paulo and how long are you staying? We will have to figure out a way to meet. I will love that.


Pbianchi said...

That boy is in a class all his own. I think his cursive is exquisite and he has great creative sentences.