Saturday, February 27, 2010

What Brazilians Do When It's Cloudy

I'm not actually sure what they do do when it's cloudy (yes, Margarita, I know I said "do-do"), but I know what they don't do, and that's go to the beach. Even when it's sufficiently warm out.

Compare my heading picture, or the first picture from my last post to these photos, taken today:

It's amazing.

It seems the only people there were a big group of gringos playing baseball...:

...and running from the waves:

It was my kind of beach day!


Christopher said...

That is my kind of beach day as well.

Ballerina Girl said...

and it was so much fun today, too!!


Fabiola said...

I do hope this weather stays for a while. I will be heading to Rio tomorrow morning, for endless meetings in a new project. I will be traveling every Monday and I will come back on Wednesday until mid-July.

I hope I can organize my schedule and we can meet.

Kari said...

Now, THOSE are some awesome beach photos!!!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of Disneyland...want to go to the park by yourself? Pick a cloudy day in October. People run away when they think they'll get sprinkled on!

Maine Mom said...

That is my kind of beach day, too.

I just read your school lunch post. My kids eat school lunch. In the elementary cafeteria, the kids get whatever is on their tray, but the middle school offers several choices. Pizza is always a choice. My kids don't seem to mind eating school lunch (I love not preparing lunches, too!), but every once in awhile Eleanor will ask me if she can bring a lunch to school. I haven't let her yet because I'm too lazy to make one and I don't want her to get in the habit of taking a lunch to school.

I'm impressed with the buffet they have at your kids' school. I would enjoy eating there, too. :-)