Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Home Alone (well, almost) and NOT Pregnant

Yesterday marked a significant day in my life: all my kids were at school at the same time while I was at home all.by.myself (except for the maid from whom I was hiding).

This has happened before, but I have always been pregnant at the time, which is different. It always added a kind of frenzied feel to it, like I had to cherish ever second because the hours were numbered before I would have another little one to care for full-time.

So, it was the first time this has happened in just shy of 12 years!

It was nice. A little anti-climatic since Pedro has given up his 2+ hour afternoon nap. I feel like I've just traded in my afternoon peace for a little morning peace. I went running and practiced piano. That's it. And then it was time to go pick him up.

The first 3 days consituted Pedro's "adaptation" period during which time I had to stay at school (hidden away where he couldn't see me) just in case anything went wrong or he got too sad. The first two days were great; I took my huge book (Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, by Doris Kearns Goodwin which is excellent btw) and hung out by myself in a nice air conditioned office.

The third day wasn't so great, I had to share (the nerve!) my room with another lady whose granddaughter was also "adapting". She had headphones on listening to Brazilian music and was belting in it out for all to hear (well, really just for me, she obviously couldn't hear herself or she would have instantly stopped). She'd also periodically get up and saunter around the room, snapping her fingers to the beat of her music, all the while continuing to sing. It made reading my book, which is by no means a beach read, difficult at best. Oh well, at least she was enjoying herself.

Pedro had no problem those first few days, it was new and exciting and he got to carry his backpack and feel like a big kid going to school with his brothers and sister. Yesterday and today it's been like, "What? This again? But I already did this!" He was a little weepy today when I left him which was very hard, but his teacher emailed me shortly there after to let me know cheered right up. He gets to go to PE, library and music class each 2X a week which seems to be the highlight so far.

Well, that and the gerbils that his teacher lets him feed when he's missing me. :)


Kari said...

Congratulations on practicing the piano and running! See, a productive day already. Sorry about the singing lady. You never know what people are thinking...

txmommy said...

hey, I know what a great day that is. This year Lu, my baby, started pre-K in the mornings and it was the first time in 22 years that I was alone & not pregnant. And I LOVE it. Can't wait for all day K next year. THe mornings fly by too fast.
I have loved the years with the kids home, and now am looking foward to loving the years with them busy out of the house.

Lynne said...

Just think how it will be when he is gone all day! You'll get so much done.

Lucy said...

That is so funny about the singing grandma! I get the best mental pictures of your posts. You're good at describing people and situations.

Yay for free time!!

Ballerina Girl said...

Sounds like a new chapter is beginning!
Let's celebrate when I get back ;)


Fabiola said...

I am glad you are adjusting to this new chapter.... and your little baby at school.

I am laughing about the singing gradma; )

Janice said...

In our cleaning out the basement discussions, Dentist husband has decided we need to sell our crib since I refuse to get rid of our Porta Crib. I have mixed emotions.

Matt said...

Sort of sad for me to hear Pedro is growing up too. And that book IS AWESOME!