Wednesday, May 12, 2010

36 Years Young

Is it just me or is time going faster than normal? :)

Another year has gone by- luckily I'm still in my mid-thirties and not my late thirties, right?

I feel a bit lost today because Ballerina Girl and I usually go to lunch for my birthday and she's in the States for her niece's wedding. No one else besides my family knows it's my birthday. That's not totally true, the maid did bring me a gift which was so thoughtful, and my piano teacher texted me.

I can't believe I've been driving for 20 years now (only one ticket, thank you very much...ok, I have spent the last 9 years in countries where the cops don't pull you over unless they need money)...Only two more years until my 20th high school reunion...I've been out of college for 14 years...grad school for 12... only 4 more years until I'm 40? Aggggh!

Deep breath.

It's all good.

Changing the subject, here's the note Juan Carlos left for the tooth fairy the other night. I had to bribe the kid to wiggle his tooth out-have you ever met a kid who doesn't want to wiggle their loose teeth? Since it cost us $100 to get the first one pulled, I told him I'd give him $10 if he could get it out himself.

He wants a necklace with his tooth on it and the money. That's so Juan Carlos. Our tooth fairy is not that talented or creative, so she just left the money and the tooth, just in case he wants to make his own necklace.

Ok, back to my birthday.

Tomorrow Guapo and I are going to Recife for a couple of days without the kiddos for a little birthday trip. Should be fun.



Super Happy Girl said...

WOO HOO Happy Birthday Gabriela!!!
You are so young :D

JC wants a necklace made out of his tooth? like those shark tooth necklaces they sell in souvenir shops?

Fabiola said...

Happy Birthday my dear blog friend!!! I will join you on the 36 years old in November ; )

I wish you a wonderful trip to Recife.


Super Happy Girl said...

You were visiting me while I was visiting you :)

Happy birthday &
You are still young.

Janice said...

Happy Birthday. If you lived here, we would so go to lunch.

nikko said...

I would take you out to lunch, too.

Hope you have a great day!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you all have a great trip!!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday!! I agree--where does the time go? I'm two years ahead of you, but I hear that at 40 you become an even more confident happier version of yourself--so I'll believe that and not worry about the little lines I've discovered under my eyes recently!

Gordon said...


Actually 36 is very very young so no worries. The best is yet to come.
We had 4 1/2 inches of snow in
Colorado Tuesday and Weds. Crazy!
The good news is we have plenty of water/snow pack for the summer.

txmommy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kari said...

Happy late Birthday, Gabriela! And congrats on only one ticket.

Too cute, on the tooth necklace a slightly morbid sort of way?? :)

Janet said...

Happy birthday old girl. :) Hope you guys had fun.

Maine Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a fun time with your hubby. :-)