Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Bye Old Friends

I've been pretty crazy since my last post. I'm exhausted because I'm working frantically all day getting things ready so that not a single non-necessary item travels to Colorado (can you say obsessive?) and then at night I just lay there fixating on all the items I have to sort the next day. Not to mention that the frenzy perfectly coincides with the end of the school year and all that that entails-music programs, end-of year parties, going away parties, etc. etc.

So do you want to see our new house?

Nice, huh? We're pretty excited about getting there. My awesome sister-in-law has taken it upon herself to be our interior designer/project manager. She's in charge of making everything look beautiful before we get there-my kids are pretty much expecting an Extreme Home Makeover kind of experience. She's in charge of some bathroom remodels (including choosing all tile, fixtures, toilets, vanities) general cosmetic updates (new lighting, back splash in the kitchen, new fireplace mantel), painting, and furnishing the entire house. Do you have a sister-in-law that is that cool?

Anyway, back to the packing on this end. I've got it pretty much under control-in my own obsessive kind of way. The movers come next Wednesday and I'm sure they'll all be laughing at how much unnecessary work I subjected myself to. I'll post about that next.

For today I thought I'd show you some of the strange items I've become attached to over the years that I am finally going to part with here in Brazil. If you remember from a previous post, I'm not at all a pack rat, but I do have a few items that I get weird about. It makes me feel better honoring them here on my blog before I find new homes for them. I will never forget them.

Here's a microwave-vegetable steamer that we got as a wedding gift. Haven't used it in 6 or 7 years; it's staying here in Brazil:

Here's a body pillow that was Guapo's from before we got married; can you imagine the allergens? Bye-bye:

Ok, if that didn't gross you out, this surely will. Here's a positive pregnancy test from I'm not sure which kid, either Pedro (now 3) or Juan Carlos (now 7). I don't know why I couldn't part with it, but I couldn't.

And those would be the huge glasses that I got in 8th grade when I was 13 (23 years ago). I had to wear those beauties in Venezuela in 2002 for three weeks before I had my laser eye surgery. I hid in my apartment A LOT that month.

So long...

Here are some slippers that the hospital in Mexico City gave me when I had Pedro. I don't think I even wore them in the hospital and I haven't worn them since:


Awww, here are some flannel jammies that Guapo gave me for Christmas in 1997 when I was pregnant with Margarita. I wore them all.the.time. They just don't feel soft anymore.


Here's a raincoat/windbreaker I bought my first week of college (in 1992). I bought from the Gap for $36.00 and it wasn't on sale. It took me a few more purchases like this to realize that money didn't grow on trees and I went back to shopping sale racks.

I'll miss you:

I won't show you a picture, but I got rid of every non-white or black sports bra that I've been lugging around the last 10 years. I am finally accepting it: I am a boring sports bra kind of gal, only black and white from here on out.

If you have any reason why I should keep any of the above mentioned items, or if you would like any of them (hear my sarcasm here, people), please speak now or forever hold your peace!


Janice said...

I am a slipper girl, so I would never part with a pair of slippers. But, no you don't have to bring them with you from Brazil to somehow get them over to me in Utah. I am just saying, I wouldn't part with them.

nikko said...

Sounds like you and I are in similar situations. All I have been doing for the last three weeks is sorting, culling, packing, cleaning for the house-sitters, etc.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I need you to come purge for me- I finally did figure out why my house is getting fuller and fuller. I have three more kids than when I moved into this house- and I have lived here for 13 years now. I either need a major purging or I need to move, which would cause a major purging. My main goal for this summer.

Good for you! and you are sooo lucky to have a SIL who you trust and who would be willing to take on such a huge task-

Gabriela said...

Janice: they are really, really cheap and cheesy, I seriously doubt you would like them. Or I would send them to you. :)

Nikko: yes, very similar except that you have a 4 month old and 4 other kids, so my hat's off to you!

HN: I love purging, I just loose track of time and have to make myself stop. I would help you if I lived close. And, I know, we are so blessed to have my SIL helping us. I will forever be in her debt.

Super Happy Girl said...

I love your huge glasses!!
But I love your new house even more!!! (deserves three !'s)
I bet Margarita is super duper excited!

Kari said...

Your house looks AWESOME, and your Sis-n-law sounds WAY too cool! I'm smiling on the purge process. It makes me feel good all over to get.rid.of.stuff... :)

Super Happy Girl said...

I read "purging" and i'm all "what the heck is going on here?"

Ballerina Girl said...

You are too funny....
I think these are all items that could have should have gone glad that you are saying good bye now!
Out with the old my friend....


Lynne said...

What a beautiful home!! And I think I remember that windbreaker! I can't believe you still have it.

Stephanie said...

I remember the jacket :O) I still have a flannel shirt from freshman year. I am so excited for you and your new home!

Maine Mom said...

That is so nice that your sister-in-law is going to help get your new house ready for you.

Yay for the decluttering as you pack!

Good luck getting everything done that you need to before the big moving day.