Sunday, October 10, 2010

A crush, a fox, and a storm

We went to the mountains for an overnighter on Friday.

We have made some friends here who are willing to travel with us-dog and all (at least they were last week, who knows about this week). It is the family of Pedro's "crush", a word that the older kids tried to teach him. I don't think he gets it; although they got him to say that he has two crushes, one on the darling little girl below and one on Margarita (awwwww-so cute), I also heard him say, "I have a crush right here in my mouth!"

Yep, he's still got that bad smile thing going on.

They're pretty funny together, always laughing and chasing each other around. We've heard her say on several occasions, while giggling and batting her eye lashes "Oh, Pedro, you're so funny!"

And here's a fox that was outside our back door:

He had his full winter coat and his tail was beautiful-I wanted to wrap it around my neck (please don't tell PETA).

While I had envisioned a day of being out of doors hiking, I way overestimated the temperature (my running clothes consisted of shorts and a t-shirt-no running for me); it was a balmy 28 when we got up and stayed in the 30's most of the day-so much for fall in the mountains.

In the afternoon we had a special treat: a snowstorm that lasted about a half an hour.

And now I'm ready to face another week of the rat-race.

Have a good one.


Abby said...

That fox is cute. So is that Pedro. I could use a mountain getaway right now!

Ballerina Girl said...

Sounds fun! Pedro is already picking up the girls...ah, where did my little bddy go? Tell him his Aunt BG is going to get jealous ;)

Packing starts Wednesday...AGH!!!!

love, BG

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Fabiola said...

The fox is a little scary for me.
But Pedro is such a Handsome little guy!!! He and his crush are adorable.

kathleen said...

It's too bad you didn't go to the mountains conference weekend which was spectacular. The leaves were beautiful and the weather perfect.

Super Happy Girl said...

Pedro is going to grow up and LOVE his crazy smile :D

The picture of the fox is seriously awesome. Is it ok if I steal it?

"I have a crush right here in my mouth!"