Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Unbloggable Life

It has been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged. I know I'm not the most faithful blogger, but 3 weeks without the excuse of pregnancy or summer vacation? Come on!

I guess I feel pretty uninteresting lately-just a lot of normal life stuff. Let's see-

The End of Fall Soccer


Soccer kept things hopping this fall-4 practices on three different weeknights and then 2 or 3 games every Saturday for 7 weeks. Whew. I was pretty much burned out after week 2. Julio's poor team, who went defeated until their last game, finally posted a "W" and Julio scored the winning goal. Man, that was one bad team. Julio is currently OBSESSED with playing tackle football next fall (gee, I can't imagine why he's not interested in soccer anymore). I've only got 9 months to talk him out of it-any ideas?

Juan Carlos's team won every game but their first one, and then lost the last game. :( He made a lot of improvement during the year and had fun so I imagine he'll play again next year.

Flu Shots

First time I've ever got one-after getting the flu a couple of years ago I'll do whatever I can to prevent it. It didn't even hurt.

Puppy Update

Work. Lots of work.

Oh, and I've realized that Coloradans, at least where we live, are crazy about dogs. Remember how I always talked about how much Brazilians loved kids and babies? Well, that's how the people are here about their dogs. People could care less about my kids, but everyone's all talkative and friendly if I'm out and about with Quakey (yes, his name has evolved into Quakey which is much easier because we don't have to explain why we named our dog "underwear" in Portuguese).

His latest naughty trick was getting in to Juan Carlos's backpack, removing a full chocolate milk box and then ripping it apart on our bedroom carpet. Not good.

Margarita's a Girl

Margarita has succumbed to peer pressure and started dressing like a girl. No more Nike t-shirts, plaid shorts and flip-flops. She is wearing cute skinny jeans, blouses and even an occasional scarf! The bad thing is is that she has the wrong mom for help with fashion advice. And, she has the same affinity for black, grey and white that I do-so our closets are looking pretty similar these days.


After 10 years of living in cities nicknamed "The City of Eternal Spring" (or worse, Small Town, Mexico which I nicknamed, "The City Whose Weather Most Resembles That of H@#$"), I am LOVING fall. The leaves, the crisp air, the pumpkins. You'd think I'd have taken a million photos of all of my favorite local trees, but no, I've been too busy with soccer, student teacher conferences (Pedro is one of his teacher's favorite kids ever-and she's been teaching for 20 years-wow!), piano lessons (I was the oldest student by a good 20 years to play at my teacher's Halloween recital last week-won't be doing that again!), cub scouts, and all the other random activities that come up to preserve the lovely memories.

But, I have loved it all the same.

That's about it. See? I told you, pretty boring. But, boring is good sometimes.


Ballerina Girl said...

Not boring my friend, life as it happens!
I can coach Ms. Margarita on the specials of dressing in color if she'd like ;) I just have to fly there and do a whole wardrobe makeover for her...or we could meet somewhere, wouldn't that be fun!
Ah, just dreaming!

Miss you...yes, it is cold here!

Abby said...

I REALLY need to follow your lead and post something. After all the writing I'm doing for school I can't bear to write blog posts lately.

I loved the heading "Margarita's a Girl." Haha too funny. I'm sure she looks adorable!

Fabiola said...

Life as it is ; )

Sometimes, I feel so boring about writing about my work overload, that I just give up.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween after so many years away.

andalucy said...

That's too bad about Julio's soccer team. And I don't suppose telling him that his joints are going to ache every time it rains when he's forty is going to dissuade him from tackle football? (Do you still feel tempted to call it "American football?")

No one is surprised that Pedro is one of his teacher's all time favorites. a:-)

Xinnia just asked for skinny jeans. :-)

I don't think your life sounds unbloggable at all. But it does sound like you're a lot busier than you were before.