Thursday, October 07, 2010

Puppy vs. Newborn Baby

When we announced we were getting a puppy the majority of the responses had something to do with how having a puppy is akin to having a newborn again.

Last time I checked, my newborns didn't:

  • leave puddles and piles randomly throughout the house
  • bite my other children
  • hoard shoes into their crib
  • make the cats hiss and run
  • run away when I open the door
  • eat cat poop from the litter box
No, having a puppy is much closer to having a very rambunctious, very naked, biting two year old than a peaceful, immobile, newborn.

That said, we're having fun with little Cuecas. And whoever dreamt up crate training was an absolute genius. We can leave the house without worrying about what kind of mess we'll come home to and he sleeps through the night in it (which makes him a bit easier than a newborn-but only in that regard).

We've decided, while we're at it, we might as well crate train Pedro, since it's working so well with the dog. He's taken quite well to it:

Like babies, puppies are super cute when they're asleep. Here's Cuecas with his favorite shoe to hoard-my fuzzy crocs:

Here we are taking a walk last weekend with the dog-everyone fought for their turn to walk him.

He's just a little guy, so he gets tired out easily:

Anyone want to babysit over Thanksgiving?


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I seriously would- if you want to drop him by (headed to Utah?) He is sooo cute and he and Miss Sophie would do fabulously- if he annoyed her too much, she would let him know

Ballerina Girl said...

Me, Me, ME!!!!
I so wish I could babysit!
Want to watch Bella for the next 6 weeks while we (may) have to wait for a silly rabies test? (we are having so much problems with getting her and Tiger to Atyrau!)
She could teach Cuecas a lot!

I wanna come visit!
Love and miss u so much

Janice said...

I don't even like dogs but that one with him sleeping with your croc is darling. (I can't believe I said that about a dog.)

Anonymous said...

We'll keep him...can you drop him off in Rio? Adorable. congratulations on your latest addition to your amazing family.

We miss you all so much. will call over the weekend.


Super Happy Girl said...

Aww look how cute he is!
Crate training is like the best thing ever.
I'll be doing this is a few months, when my daughter gets a puppy.

Yes, because we're crazy.

Ave said...

This post made me laugh, very enjoyable!