Friday, November 05, 2010

What Would Cesar Say?

I know. It's mid-week and I'm blogging about something other than why I'm not blogging. Strange.

Just a few pictures of a very naughty Underwear Dog.

I'm trying not to think about how his favorite treat, despite the oodles of chews that I buy him, continues to be cat turds.

And Guapo wonders why I am a cat person?

(he is cute, I'll give him that; I just don't want him licking me. Or my flatware.)


Ballerina Girl said...

ok...DOG 101

1. He is a much better plate cleaner than the dishwasher
2.He is completely normal to like cat turds...that's why we always had a gate for the cat to jump keeps the dog out!
3. Let him give you kisses...they are so unconditional and loving! his mouth has so much antiseptic in it too!

hahaha, he is adorable! I still am waiting for my Bella! I can't wait for her to get here...supposedly next Friday!

Ballerina Girl said...

ok, I get the mean Cesar Milan, my absolute favorite person for training my crazy girl...
well, he wouldn't recommend what I just said!

He would probably tell you to be firm and consistent, give him a little push in the neck area to teach him not to do something, and tell you to use a consistent sound when doing that....

ah, if only! maybe that's why Bella is a nutcase! hahaha

love and miss you!

Gordon said...

I'm with you, I also am a cat person.

You are right, people and their dogs who jump on you, bark like crazy at you, charge you, lick or drool all over you, and THEY THINK IT IS SO CUTE!! Or say sweetly, "He is just being friendly." Or dogs who smell your crotch which I absolutely hate, poop on your grass and the owners don't clean it up, or the owners just let their dogs run wild. Yuck!!!

Laura has been biten several times by dogs, once just recently on the Boulder Creek path. The bite broke the skin and she bled and she had to go to the emergency room and still has the scar, plus she had to get a tetnas shot. The man that was with the dog just said, "It's not my dog." And we have a leash law but I can't remember if the dog was on a leash.

Well I shan't rant on and on.

Davifer said...

Bury the cat(s) up to their necks in the yard, then have Guapo and the boys use them for golf tees. That will put an end to the cat turd eating cycle.