Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random Holiday Post

Holiday shopping

As of today at 4:00 pm Everything is wrapped. Everything is shipped. I will buy nothing else.

Except, what do people generally give to the mail carrier? Money? If so, how much?

Margarita Redeemed

We had a busy week of holiday parties, concerts, and recitals. And we're not done yet. At Margarita's choir concert Tuesday night this was a sight that made me happy:

The lost and found table. Apparently Margarita's not the only middle-schooler who temporarily can't find things (they are never lost; even if we haven't seen them for months).

The Problem with Mormons

I thought it'd be fun have a casual "little" get together Sunday evening with a three other families from our church. You know- hot chocolate, snacks, some relaxed conversation.

I just added up how many kids will be here.


Any ideas for high-yield snacks?

Holiday Cheer

After contemplating for months about how my children would no longer have holiday celebrations being in US public schools, I have been happily surprised. Sure, Julio had "Secret Snow People" instead of "Secret Santas" in his class, but Margarita's choir concert had a couple of songs about Jesus' birth(I thought that was a huge no-no), the teachers wished us "Merry Christmas", and Pedro's class even had a special visitor today:

I know, what a crappy photo. It was bad lighting for my poor little iPhone, but I also discovered later that the lens was totally gooped up (how in the world did that happen? Pedro, I'm sure.)

Look at this one:

Santa asked the kids to be quite while he read them a story so Pedro sat like this for the next few minutes. What a little monkey.

2 Minutes of Fame

Julio's basketball team got to play for 5 minutes at the halftime of the CU game tonight. There are 10 players so they each got about 2 1/2 minutes. Julio said it felt like 23 seconds. He attempted one shot and got a rebound. His little buddy who hasn't made a basket all season (tomorrow's the last game), scored.

See? I cleaned my lens. Much better.

Hey, What About Juan Carlos?

I just realized I've talked about every kid but Juan Carlos; as I mentioned before, this week has been crazy. So on Wednesday morning as I'm walking the boys to school I realize his clothes look a little too familiar. We had gotten home from the choir concert late and they kids scurried to bed-some of them not even bothering to change into jammies. He got up and wore the same (visibly dirty) clothes the next day. Lovely.

Oh well, at least he was at school.

So, that's what we're up to. My kids finished school today. I'm not sure if things will be more hectic because they are around, or less hectic because we don't have all of their activities we have to be at. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Happy Holidays!


Valarie said...

I think legally the mail carrier can't accept anything.

Awesome Mom said...

They can't accept money but they do like a plate of cookies (or at least mine did last year). I am being really lazy this year and barely scraped the motivation to get teacher gifts.

nikko said...

I'm laughing at Juan Carlos wearing the same clothes. My P (4) wore the same jeans and BYU tshirt about 3 days in a row. Magically, it didn't look too dirty. ;o)

Lynne said...

Don't you love being prepared for Christmas. I still have one or two things that had to wait until next week but I love that I don't have to go to any crazy stores next week!

Unknown said...

I am impressed that you have everything bought, shipped, AND wrapped! Awesome!

"Temporarily can't find things"...I love it!

Good luck with that relaxed conversation with 18 kids around. :-)

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, busy you! sounds like you are as organized as ever! good for you!
We are almost done shopping...there are still a few to be wrapped though...6 days left! hahaha
Same dramas as always with my family...really puts a bit of unhappy cheer in my holidays every year...
miss you a lot! love,

Super Happy Girl said...

"I will buy nothing else." So, did this really happen? ;)