Friday, March 04, 2011


So, when I signed up to do this 12-man relay race last month, I volunteered for one of the harder legs because although the mileage was pretty high (20.4 miles split over three legs), the middle of the night leg was designated "easy", was only 3.9 miles, and was completely flat. It sounded pretty good for the middle of the night portion of the race.

Well, last week we all got an email letting us know some changes had been made to increase the "safety" of the course. Almost everyone's total distance had been decreased, except, of course, for mine. Apparently my 3.9 middle of the night leg was "unsafe" because they re-routed that portion of the race and now, instead of the nice little leg which I could have finished in around 30 minutes, I have 8.2 miles with a nasty 600 ft hill smack dab in the middle of it, giving it a "very hard" designation. My other legs remained the same (7.3, "hard" and 9.2, "very hard")-so now I will run a total of 24.7 miles-the next closest runner will have 21.8.


So, here's my dilemma. I have been suffering from plantars fasciitis (painful heal problem) for the last 8 months (doesn't that sound like an old person problem?). I'm pretty sure that wearing flip-flops for 3 years straight in Rio wasn't the best thing for my heal (oh, Havianas, how will I ever live without you this summer?). It's not terrible case, but it's not good.

So, do I play my "plantars card", damage my ego, and give up my leg to someone else, or do I suck it up and run it even though I'm pretty much terrified of it (especially the big hill in the middle of the night) and could end up hobbling around for weeks after the race.

(reading it I realize it looks like a no-brainer, but you have to understand, I pride myself on not being a wuss. It would be painful for me to relinquish the toughest leg-I'm one of the youngest runners in our group)



Emily said...

I have a good reason, you can borrow if you like: I need you in good shape for when my baby comes. You promised to come out--if all the personal circumstances allowed you to (read: family, finances, timing, opportunity, etc.)

Ballerina Girl said...

Hi Gabs...
well, my take on the dilemma is a bit more involved because I also had plantar fascitis when I danced. It does hurt a lot and it is possible to run/dance through it..
so my question to myself would be more about myself. I know there are others counting on you, but do you want to do this? It could be something truly worth it, even if you hurt some afterwards...or the flip side is it could be not worth it for something that is not as important as you thought.
As for being nervous about the hill...well, again, is it worth the challenge you are posing before yourself, or is it too much to take on.
These are hard questions when it comes to pains and fears...and ones I've dealt with in the past...
but the ultimate decision is yours....

Good luck (sorry for the long comment!)

Love and miss you a lot

Janice said...

This honestly is a really hard dilemma. I honestly don't know what I would do.

Xinnia said...

I think BG offers some excellent guidance. How important is this to you? Is this something you really want to do? If it's only about saving face, that does not seem worth it. At least, it wouldn't to me. If, on the other hand, it's something you feel compelled to do and would feel terrible about NOT doing, go for it.

andalucy said...

Sorry, that was me. Why must certain people stay signed in on my computer??

Maine Mom said...

Being a non-runner myself I would say, be a wuss. :-) After reading BG's comment, it sounds like you will be in a lot of pain, but it is temporary and you will completely heal (get it? heel? HA HA) sorry...Do what you know you are capable of and don't worry about what anyone else thinks about your decision.