Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not So Best of Small Town Mexico-The Milk

One thing I really dislike about living here is the milk. Here's how the milk comes here:

That's right. In a box. When you buy it, you buy it off of a shelve where it has been sitting at room temp for who knows how long.

I'm sorry, I just can't do it.

It's not even that it tastes horrible, it really doesn't, but after living in the States and drinking milk from the refrigerated foods section for the first 26 years of my life, I cannot drink it. They have lovely drinkable yogurt here and great cheeses, nice ice cream, but the milk really doesn't do it for me. Occasionally, I will try to have some cereal, but I usually opt for toast or yogurt in the morning.

To be honest and fair to our little town, I must tell you that at Sam's Club they do carry fresh, pasteurized milk. I counted the days until the opening of the store (7 months after we arrived) for this very reason. But, I have been burned so many times buying fresh milk to only have it go bad 23 minutes after I open it that I am a broken woman. I don't even look at that darn fresh milk anymore. I only buy the boxed now.

I know this is not a tragedy in my life, but it is an annoyance. How satisfying is it to have a plate of delicious, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies accompanied by a nice, tall, ice-cold glass of water? When I travel home to the States one of the first things I always do is have a swig of milk straight from the container (don't worry Grammy, at your house I will pour it in a glass first).

This is the only way I can enjoy a glass of milk here:

Mixed with a healthy serving of vanilla ice cream and Hershey's syrup. Please have a nice, tall glass of milk for me today (or a swig).


Patti said...

Oh, that stinks! I really feel for you. Boxed milk is gross...that is how JD had it in Italy as well and he did not like it. Thanks for the heads up on the cookbook too! I have already looked it up on Amazon and put it on my wishlist :)

I am going to get myself a big glass of milk now...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your blog is awesome...I'm a friend of Nutella's...yes..I lived in France for awhile and I understand. Boxed milk is just gross. Even worse at room tempurature! Too bad too because they had great cereal in France. I guess we have to give up a few things here and there. I miss really delicious yogurt and fruit...two things in the U.S. that just are not as great as a few other places.

Anonymous said...

I know that boxed milk. It's based on a dare. But I'm glad I had the opportunity to experience it because it taught me a real true and abiding appreciation for cholcolate milk.
That box stuff chilled and chocolated up is GREAT!
Very entertaining blogging. Nice work!!

Nantie Meg said...

I remember when we were in Venezuela, I was only there for 9 weeks, and I just about went crazy. Before going down there I had been drinking over a gallon of milk a week, all on my own.

Go ahead and drink out of the garton, Grammy never needs to find out. She never knew when I did!

JD said...

Oh Yum!! LOL sorry about the milk. That bites!! Have some good cheese for me.

Grammy said...

I know what you mean about the box 'o milk. While living in Vennie-land I never could get into it. I even tried pouring it into a pitcher and chilling it in the fridge to fool myself into thinking it was "the real thing". But alas, it never worked. I'm just too smart to be fooled by me.

Nantie Meg, I am totally going to "get you" for that drinking out of the carton crack. Backwash, anyone?

smart mama said...

i totally drank milk like that when we lived in turkey-- ughhh!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI...Now Costco in Mexico City is selling Santa Clara lowfat fresh milk!

It is a great product and comes in the familiar gallon jug. While at the super you can find fresh milk, it is all usually full fat, or 1/2 fat.

Not sure if this is available in all Costcos or not, but at least if you are near DF you can have your fresh cold milk! I agree...the boxes stuff is OK in a pinch.