Monday, April 24, 2006

I Can't Take It Any Longer!

Yesterday, I reported on my new "do". It was such an awesome style that it inspired Grammy to make some changes as well:

and the kids:

. . .even Grammy's dog Caleb decided he was ready for a change:

I can't take it any longer! I feel like I have breached blogger confidence.


Thank you to all of the sweet people who supported me in my fake hair style. I did get a haircut, but it was just my normal, boring cut, a trim with long layers. It's kind of bugging me because I think it looks like a slightly longer version of Ace Young's hair, may he rest in peace.

I am such a chicken with my hair, I could NEVER get a cut like that even if I wanted to. I did toy with the idea of bangs, but the stylist asked me if I would be willing to blow-dry every day (I got the feeling she already knew the answer to her question from how my hair looked when I showed up).

Daily blow drying? Ummmmm, no. NEVER going to happen. So, I look pretty much the same as when I left Small Town last week.

I promise you my blog is not a blog of lies.

I just couldn't let the chance pass me by to get a little revenge on my sweet, funny, husband Guapo. You see, last month when I just started blogging I was complaining about not getting any comments. Low and behold, 4 showed up one after another, all from him using fake names. One was just slightly disturbing. Here's the link to the post; check out Antonio's comment.

I had several hours of picturing Antonio, the 51 year old-American-born-turned-Mexican-child-predator catching a flight to our little town to seek out my children!! I was SO relieved when he finally told me that he was Antonio that I wasn't even upset.

I'm pretty sure that's how he felt when I got off the plane today!


Nettie said...

ROTFL! I love fake wig shots!

Stephanie said...

You got us all!!! You still look DARLING with short hair!!!

Grammy said...

Well, I think we ALL look charming. So There!

K-squared's Mom said...

I did like your "fake" hair!

itybtyfrog said...

I am sad you didn't really cut your hair!! It was such a cute look for you. Was Guapo thrilled you didn't really chop it?

Gabriela said...

Yes! He was telling me he was telling himself on the way to the airport he had to "be supportive" and tell me it "looked cute". I didn't think it looked that bad either!! It was kind of fun to wear the wig.

handiemom said...

What a fun idea! I have just found your blog and I love it. You are doing just what my husband would love to be doing -- living in Mexico. We live in Washington State, but have been to Mexico 3 or 4 times and would love to go back. My husband teaches Spanish and has always dreamed of finding a job where he could live in Latin America, but make a living! Anyway, thanks for sharing your life with us all.

Anonymous said...

Uh.... good to see that life is rolling forward as usual even for the ex-pats.
Nice blogging.

Kristen said...

OK, those pics are too funny!! LOL!

So, you went to school with Ace & his brother, huh? Did you know them well? Cool!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Come on over again. :-)

Gabriela said...

I didn't know him, my sister was in his class and knows him. I knew his brother. Better in Jr. High than highschool.

Lei said...

Lol, that's a pretty cute prank, Gabriela!!!

No Cool Story said...

You sure got Guapo (hates his name) good, ha! (the Antonio comment is indeed creepy), bet he won't try that again ;-)

The kids and Caleb look so cute, I'm counting 3 wigs.

Papa said...

I don't know, but I'm guessing el Guapo didn't buy it even a little bit, unless he really did get his tongue pierced and his head shaved. But I was sensing just a hint of sarcasm in his response to the original post.

Gabriela said...

He claims he totally fell for it.