Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm "It"

Hi! I hope everyone had a nice Easter and is now enjoying those deviled eggs.

I have been tagged by Lei over at My Many Colored Days to share 6 things about myself that I think are weird.

Hmmm, ok, here it goes:

1. I actually look forward to going to the dentist. I have had the same dentist since I was in 3rd grade; we took a field trip to his office and he was so nice that those positive feelings have just always stuck around.

2. I love flat, somewhat firm pillows. I usually sleep with one on top of my head, or with my head sandwiched between two of them.

3. I am OC about having my kids toys organized. It really bothers me if I find action figures mixed in with the blocks. The rest of the house can be headed to heck in a handbasket for all I care, as long as the toys are ship-shape.

4. I get the feeling I'm weird when I hear other people talking about "the good old days" before they got married. They reminisce about dating, going out with friends, etc. The one thing I really miss from "the good old days" is the freedom to go to the library and study until they lock the doors. I am a nerd at heart. Love school and everything about it. Tests, textbooks, school supplies, study groups, testing centers, libraries, syllabi, etc.

5. I HATE to swim in lakes. The muddy bottom really, really creeps me out. (Guapo likes to point out that I did swim in a lake once before we got married just to give him the impression I was adventurous)

6. I am currently reading the Old Testament and enjoying it! That's weird isn't it? I mean, sure, there are some mind-numbingly boring spots, but there are some great stories, and some really, really weird stuff in there. I just felt it was time stop relying on Bob and Larry for my OT smarts. Maybe this one falls under #4. For those of you who think it does, I will share one more:

7. I have trouble driving in reverse. I'm doing ok right now because my mini-van is equipped with this beeper thing that lets me know when I am closing in on some poor, unsuspecting object. But, it's really a two edged sword because when I go to the States and rent a car, guess what? No beep.

There you have it. Now I have to tag 6 of my blogging friends and they have to share 6 weird things about themselves.

  1. Nutella
  2. Southern Blonde Belle
  3. Grammy
  4. Itybtyfrog ideas
  5. No Cool Story
  6. Nantie Meg


Southern Blonde Belle said...

That was great! I love doing stuff like that...I don't mind the dentist either, stangely enough. Not my favorite activity, but not really that bad! Not a fan of the shots though :(!

No Cool Story said...

Happy Easter!

You are so weird AND so adventurous at the same time ;-)
I can't top 1. Going to the dentist: the smells, the little drill going WZZZIZIZIZ, the little tray with all the little torture devices. No gracias.

Now I want a van with a beepy thing.

K-squared's Mom said...

Interesting! I can't share your enthusiasm for the dentist visits, school and toy organization but I can definitely understand the "no swimming in the lake" feeling. Aside from having muddy bottoms, there's something about swimming in (almost) stagnant fresh water (although I've tried it a couple of times as a child). I didn't realize you had trouble driving in reverse! I promise to watch out for cars everytime you drive out of my garage! Hope you had a great trip to Palenque

Stephanie said...

If you get to Isaiah and you can decipher it, let me know. I love your quirks. Thanks for sharing, I don't feel so alone in my weirdness.

smartmama said...

so with you on the lake thing!!!

Lei said...

Thanks for playing... I enjoyed reading those!!!

itybtyfrog said...

Sorry, I was on vacation when the game of tag started. I will post my weird things soon. We live somewhere where there was this totally murky lake. You couldn't even see through the water....wouldn't set foot in it....who knew what was down there!!

DH was in Guatemala city south and was divided when he was there.

Zoe said...

Oh, I can relate to you on so many of your things listed!! I too hate swimming in lakes. We have one by our house and I don't like getting in it. As morbid as this sounds, I am always worried that I am going to step on a dead body or something!! (You know, cause there are some that they never find!! )LOL!

momofalltrades said...

LOL I just blogged about my toy room organization! I found you through Tripping Over Cobblestone. (I was the other Flip Up winner the day you were) I really enjoy your stories and photos, thanks for sharing!

Yo Mama said...

OK Ms. Gabriela, I know I wasn't listed as 1 of the 6 bloggers for this one, but I must make a few comments. As 4 #4, did you have a lobotomy child? Yes, you did love to study & all but my memory of those days were quite different. I will fully concur w/#7 -driving in reverse. You are the worst. My best memory was you trying to back up on the side of I-70 to pick up our biker husbands and you kept backing onto the highway into oncoming traffic. I kicked you out & took over. I have always been able to drive better in reverse than forward. Are you sure that you're mine?

Gabriela said...

mi mama:

I'm not saying I didn't date or hang out with friends, I'm just saying the thing I miss most about being single is being in school! That's all. Thankfully, I have no desire to date anymore!