Saturday, April 08, 2006

Look What I Made!

Here's what I spent an hour of my afternoon on yesterday:


It started as some quality play time with Julio (5) and a set of sea creature Lego's that he got for Christmas. As hard as I have tried to keep them separated from the 1000's of other Lego's we own, sadly, my kids don't share my love of organization. Julio soon tired of looking for the little pieces and I was left on my own to seek out the 50-some odd shark-pieces in this mess:

He was kind enough to check on my progress every few minutes.

I only have myself to blame as I was the one who chose the present.


Nantie Meg said...

Excellent job. I hate separating the pieces. When I worked at the elementary school, it seemed like that was the only thin I ever did.

Grammy said...

Cool! You just essentially ROCK! The only question is...was it fun?