Monday, April 24, 2006

My New Do

I feel fairly confident now telling people I am fluent in Spanish. Not perfect by any means, but I can get by just fine. Except in certain circumstances. Like getting my hair cut. I don't know the translations for words like "bangs", "layers", "texturize", "split-ends", "bob", "ionizing blow dryer", etc. So, I usually go months on end without getting my hair cut out of pure fear of how it will end up.

I am still in Houston and went for a cut a couple of days ago. I have had pretty much the same haircut since I was 16: long, no bangs, sometimes long layers, sometimes no layers. I have been dying to try something new and exciting. Grammy gave me the push that I needed to make the change. Here's to no more clogging up the shower with my long locks:

Guapo will be shocked!


grammyelin said...

I like it, Gabriella. I know you were a little nervous at first about making such a big change, but it really is just like the picture in the hair-style magazine. The more I see it, the more I think it is really you. And it will be so easy to style too. I'm sure Guapo will love it!

JD said...

So cute!! Must not run out and cut hair!! Must keep growing, keep growing...

Love the doo!!

Susie Q said...

That is one of the cutest haircuts I've ever seen!

el guapo grande said...

Why do these type of things happen when we are away from our wives? I came home from a long trip once to find out my wife (Cocolita) had spent $2000+ on central air. Is there no justice?

El Guapo (I hate my name) said...

That's a nice surprise, Gabriela. While you were away I shaved my head, took up smoking, and had my tongue pierced. All of this because I didn't know how to explain to the people what I wanted in Spanish so I just ended up this way!

itybtyfrog said...

You are absolutely beautiful!!! Love the new hair do. My hair is in the "Monster" stage...basically with no style. Did you donate all your long hair to Lock of Love?

Stephanie said...

I love your new doo. It reminds me of Meg Ryans cute cuts before she decided to jump on the Hollywood long hair bandwagon of all her cohorts. You look so cute with short hair. Good job!

K-squared's Mom said...

So pretty and sophisticated! Great thing my Spanish is hardly understandable or else I will be at my next door neighbor's salon! You look great!

Yo Mama said...

That can't be your do, although you would really be cute w/short hair. That's the same look that Caleb has & same color so don't try to trick yo mama.

No Cool Story said...

This all reminds me of a joke :)

Bangs: copete
layers (long): capas (largas)
texturize : ?
spilt-ends: puntas abiertas
bob: hmm, I'd say corte parejo a la altura de la barbilla
ionizing blow dryer: who knows?

The joke is about a Chinese man who'd only order torta de jamon day after day (since that was all the Spanish he knew).
Eventually he gets tired of eating the same thing everytime, he decides to listen to someone else's order, a man next to him orders enchiladas, so he decides to give it try.
The next day he tells the waiter "enchiladas por favor", the waiter asks "verdes o rojas?"
Needless to say, the poor man then replies "torta de jamon, por favor"