Thursday, August 24, 2006

Any Vegetarians Out There?

Sadly, two of my allowable foods from my list in my last post have been banished. Quesadillas and refried beans. I'll spare you all the details of how it happened but it involved me running through the streets of our neighborhood trying to make it to my own private bathroom. (thank goodness I was successful in not only reaching my goal but also not getting hit by any cars).

Anyway, any ideas on meatless entrees? Or side dishes for that matter. I'm afraid one of these days I'll get sick after eating cereal and be in a world of hurt without a back-up plan. If I could feed myself intravenously right now, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I hate food.

I hate eating.

If I could bottle my absolute loathing of food I could sell it to dieters and make a mint! A mint I tell you!

(After reading this post "posted", I promise you all that my next post will not involve whining or anything about nausea or throwing up. I don't consider myself a whiner, but I'm really coming off that way. Sorry about that.)


Anonymous said...

Gabs-I am so sorry you're still not feeling well. I will think about it and send you some yummy ideas!

Paulette said...

I would recoment avacado's they are full of protien. I would also recomend either ensure or boost since you are so limited on the foods. They should have those in pharmacy's there. They are pretty good cold. I have even put them in the freezer to get them icecold.
I would also recomend still eating beans but get some Beano, that will help with well you know the running to the bathroom? Go on line and search out some foods high in protien, the baby really needs the protien to grow right.
I am sorry for your sickness. I am praying for you everyday!!
Blessings to you.

the lizness said...

oh no! sorry to hear this is not going away very quickly.

Definitely the ensure, or even slimfast optima (on dr's ok) because of the added protein.

I'll pass on the bottled diet secret, thanks...

Anonymous said...

I have been making a salad that got me through most of this pregnancy--diced fresh tomatoes and diced cucumbers with lemon juice squeezed on it and salt and pepper. Often I add feta cheese for protein. Hope you start feeling better soon. Oh, raspberry gingerale is also good--get the yucky flavor out of your mouth feeling.

Unknown said...

I can sympathize here! Although I'm not throwing up, food just doesn't appeal to me either. It's very annoying. I've been eating a lot of cereal and salads lately. I stock up on fruits, vegetables, and crackers to snack on throughout the day.
I hope you get feeling better soon!

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the ideas!

Paulette and Tess: I hadn't thought of thought of any of those types of drink mixes. And great idea to get them cold. Frozen = no scent! I'm buying some tomorrow.

Janice: Thanks for your salad idea, that's what I had for dinner tonight.

MM: I need to buy some more crackers!

Anonymous said...

I loved instant mashed potatoes when I was pg. Do you have any of those potato buds from the cannery? I'll send you a can of mine if you want to try them.

Did you try the Unisom and vitamin B6? I don't know if docs still recommend it---it has been three years since I've been pregnant.

utmommy said...

Sorry you are having such eating issues, hope things get better soon. Maybe the drinks will work.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Hot cocoa and saltines. That's all I could handle first thing in the morning and it actually seemed to help at other parts of the day, too. Very little nutritional value, but they somehow stave off the waves of nausea.

Also - hydrate!!! Lack of water is actually what exacerbates motion sickness AND morning sickness! (Cool little factoid, eh?)

I second the avacado idea, too.

And you're not a whiner - 1st trimester can get the best of anyone!

Anonymous said...

When are past your first trimester?

smart mama said...

i am a total pasta gal- oh and ensure is much better if you just add it to a real choc milkshake (how i got through mono!)
I actually have plans to blog my fav pastas this week so stay tuned

oh and i am a total dairy gal- ( idrink 2 gal of milk a week- no calcium worries here) that can easily fill my protein needs- milk, choc milk,s moothies, milkshakes, etc-

Gabriela said...

abc momma: I did the unisom thing, but was really wiped out by it, so I only did it when I was feeling sick at night (and then I got Zofran).

CYM-I know, I know, more water. I always seem to remember this one when I am already feeling sick, and at that point the thought of guzzling H20 isn't pleasant.

Janice J: Sunday is my last day of my 1st trimester.

Smart Mama: Can't wait for your pasta recipes!

Gabriela said...

I forgot, ABC Momma: thanks for the potato offer. You are so sweet! It would cost a ton to ship it here I bet. The church may have a cannery here. Let me check it out. Thanks again! :)

Nettie said...

I'm so sorry your eating list is getting smaller, not bigger! Hopefully you will be able to be past this stage soon! I was able to eat trail mix this time. Good source of iron and protein.

Blackeyedsue said...

What about pancakes? They sustained me during my first pregnancy. Don't get any that you have to add eggs too.

I would go with avocados too. How about almonds?

Super Happy Girl said...

Gabs, I leave for a few days, and come back to find you dying.
Stop dying ok?
Hope you feel better :/