Monday, August 21, 2006

A Bit More Luxury and Pregnancy Update

These two things of luxury are pretty much self-explanatory.

We have gone from this:

to this:

And from drinking this:

to this:


I tell you, my life is just getting better and better!

Pregnancy Update

Thanks to all for being concerned with how I'm feeling. Things are for sure getting better. I am still getting sick, but not nearly as often, so it's more manageable. I think I have tried all of your suggestions. I've got gatorade, gingerale, ginger tea, tablets, acupuncture bracelets, peppermint oil, and last but certainly not least, the wonder drug Zofran, purchased her in Big City for a 1/3 of what it costs in the US.

As with all my pregnancies, I don't have cravings, only aversions. This pregnancy I am hating meat. The only meat I've had in the last week is three pieces of hard salami. For those of you who know me, I am nowhere near a vegetarian; I could eat prime rib until someone has to roll me out of the restaurant.

Things I Am Eating To Sustain Life:

Cereals- mostly Fruit Loops and Honey Nut Cheerios
Fruit-mostly fresh but also canned peaches
Canned Refried Beans (gross, huh?)
Baked Potatoes drenched in Sour Cream
Spaghetti with meatless sauce

And my poor kids have pretty much joined me in my vegetarian journey because I can't prepare any meat without visiting my bathroom. When Guapo's here, he is so great to make meat for the kids.

Another bad thing? All those new clothes I bought? All make me nauseated for some strange reason. Especially the bronze stuff. Ewwwwwww. Can't even look at it. It's all hidden deep in my closet.

Oh well.


Valarie said...

pregnancy is such a weird time- you'd rather eat something that looks like dog food than a steak.

Yay for fresh milk! oh, and dishwashers, too.

utmommy said...

Yeah for dishwashers!! I know it's lazy, but I would hate not having one.

With my first pregnancy I couldn't have anything to do with meat either. No cooking it, eating it, smelline it, or looking at it. I got over it in the 3rd trimester though.

itybtyfrog said...

Hurray for dishwashers and good milk!!! I am glad you are feeling better. I didn't want to eat much meat during the first part of my last pregnancy, but it caught up to me. I think my body was protein deprived, and I downed 8 slices of bacon in one sitting.

Tess said...

new clothes sickness? pass the birth control, please... j/k

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

So happy for all the upgrades! And that you're feeling better (new clothes aversion notwithstanding).

When I was prego with my first, I couldn't stand the smell of hubby's wet leather jacket in the tiny confines of our Toyota Tercel. Or his deodorant. And some songs that were popular at the time still make me nauseated whenever I hear them.

"I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love, love's going to leave meeeee..."

Well maybe that's not such a bad thing.

abc momma said...

At least you can get your protein from the milk and the refried beans. Honey Nut Cheerios was a life sustainer for me too.

Stephanie said...

Wow, those are sure luxuries that I would miss.

That is funny about the meat aversion. I could only eat ham the first five months of my second pregnancy.

I hope you feel better soon. I might have to have you buy me some Zofran and ship it to me next time I get pregnant.

Daring One said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and the kitchen looks lovely. Can you stand peanut butter at all?

Janice J. said...

You are reminding me why I am thinking this current pregnancy is my last. I am currently living in heartburn hell.

Gabriela said...

tess: Oh the things I could share but don't. Pregnancy is not a pretty picture.

Millie: I hear ya, I can't get close to anyone in my family or otherwise without having to cover my nose. I need a little mask.

Steph: just let me know, Zofran can be yours for just $12/pill

DYM: peanut butter? Not so much.

Janice: mine is starting. I just don't think it's fair to have nausea AND heartburn at the same time.

ShelahBooksIt said...

Glad you're feeling better. Pretty soon you'll be where I am and snarfing everything in sight.

smartmama said...

yeehaww- milk and dishwashers are 2 things i can't live without--

I hear you on the pg thing- so sorry- i usually waste away in utter vomit toture for about 20-24 wks

momofalltrades said...

Hooray for milk in the refrigerated section!

I hated meat with B. I once walked into a gas station to pay for my gas. Back up Jack. There was a Taco Bell attached and they were cooking meat. Good thing hubster was there to go in and pay or I'd have been begging some random person to go pay for my gas!

Awesome Mom said...

I can't play Bejewled any more because it made me ill when I was pregnant with my second son. Crazy huh? It is not like it is a game that would make anyone sick but that is the fun of being pregnant I guess.

I had to break down and get prilosec for my second pregnancy. The heart burn was amazingly bad and I had to do something.

Gina said...

Dishwashers are AWESOME! So happy for you! And happy you are getting better little by little.

txmommy said...

wow! that's quite an upgrade!

K-squared's Mom said...

Yey for fresh milk! We're still in boxed-milk-hell but my kids have started to not mind it. That's an awesome dishwasher! Seeing your small red basin reminded me that I have to get one myself =)!

I too, couldn't stand the smell of my husband during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Good thing we lived in a one-bedroom condo at that time so instead of sleeping in a different bedroom, I just slept with my back to him everyday!

Eating a slice of orange and then a small piece of chocolate somehow averts my bathroom visit whener I would get nauseaus. The totally different flavors probably confused my tastebuds. This can't hold it off too long but it has worked at least once a day for me. Sounds weird but by then, I was willing to try anything!

Happy dishwashing! Maybe you can try seafood this time now that you don't like meat......

Kristine said...

It's amazing what we take for granted, even in small city, USA. Congratulations on living in real luxury....! (And it is good to hear the Zofran is so much cheaper there!)

Kristen said...

I had aversions with my first pregnancy. I could not eat pizza at all! The thought of pizza sauce and mozarella cheese made me want to hurl!!

Looks like you're livin' the high life these days! :-)

Maine Mom said...

I bet you are loving all these new luxuries! The milk would be a big one for me.
It's funny how pregnancy turns everything upside down. The only time I eat sugar cereal and candy is during my first trimester of pregnancy. I hope you continue to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Getting preggers has its perks. Hubby treats you more delicately and you feel like a princess. A very big princess. Then, you have this absolutely beautiful glow from eating all those healthy food.

Nettie said...

Beautiful new place! And I'm happy you are starting to feel better! I get meat aversions, too. This one I've lived on cheese to survive.