Monday, December 11, 2006

Plan December Continued

The Christmas festivites continue here at our home:

December 5: Snowflakes from coffee filters. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whomever it was that recommended coffee filters. This made snowflake-making SO much easier and more fun. They turned out great and we hung them behind our tree:

December 6: Cinnamon Ornaments: I had never made these and I was surprised at how easy and fun they were to make.

One of the ingredients is white glue, so despite the fact that they smelled great, my kids weren't sneaking tastes as they normall would. And one batch made a bunch of ornaments. We will definately make these again.

December 7: Candy Glass Ornaments. Here we encountered a bit of a problem. When I went to take down our 1.1 kilo ( that's 2.42 pounds!) bag of J0lly Ranchers from high up in the pantry (read: my kids can't reach them), this is what I found:

I guess the maid likes J0lly Ranchers. I was.not.pleased. Granted, I've had the bag for a while, come on, 2.42 pounds??? Stay tuned for the forthcoming post entitled, "The End of a Muchacha."

December 8: Baby Jesus Ornaments. Thanks to Grammy, we had supplies to make these so-cute ornaments. Kitty, knowing that they would eventually end up on the tree (her new playgroud), was very interested in helping.

Here they are on the tree:

December 9: Buy presents for Secret Santa families. Done.

Ice Skating: I was a bit worn out with all of the Christmas activities, and not being very graceful on the ice when I am not 6 months pregnant, Guapo handled this one on his own. They had a great time, even Juan Carlos (3 1/2) who is not the most coordinated little tike.

December 10: Visit lights at Temple. This didn't happen because we were invited to a very fun Christmas get together at some friends' house. Temple rescheduled for next week.

Stay tuned!


Liz (formerly known as Tess) said...

I do love those coffee filter snowflakes! how festive.

No Cool Story said...

The End of Muchacha is near.
AS soon as I read that you were getting the jolly ranchers, I wondered if she has eaten them :D

Those ornaments you made are super cute, I heart the little baby with a star. You are so creative.
My candy ornaments didn't work out at all (I felt so very lame). I'll try the applesauce ones.

That kitty is so cute, I wish kitties didn’t kill me, otherwise I’d have one.

No Cool Story said...

OK, so I guess I have already mention my allergy to kitties. Hmmm, how so very lame of me. Sorry.
Short memory and all.

Julie P said...

DIGGING these Christmas posts! Is there a link to those Jesus ornaments? Love it all!

Janice J. said...

So fun to read! For us, tonight was deliver neighbor gifts and drive around looking for Christmas lights. You keep me inspired to continue the Christmas fun!

smartmama said...

haha- still loving the jolly rancher discovery--

Gabriela said...

Liz: thanks!

NCS: My friend tried the candy ones too and said they didn't turn out so well-too sticky. Sorry you have a kitty allergy! We love dogs too, but with this life they are a little tougher to have.

Julie P: My friend gave me the stuff to make the baby Jesus ornaments so I don't have a link, but all they are is a little wooden wreath with the hay stuff, a wire twisted up with a star on top, and the baby is a wooden ball and like a cylinder below with flannel wrapped around it and secured. I'm sure you could find what you need at Micheals.

Hey Janice: I wish we had neighbors that we knew to deliver too! If we were to go out and about to our friend's houses it would take HOURS and HOURS. No one would have the Christmas Spirit by the time we got home!

Smartmama: I am still amazed at how this girl can eat.

Rachelle said...

I love your Christmas stuff! Great post!

Shelah said...

I am LOL at your Jolly Rancher story. Sounds like something that would happen at our house. I've been hiding the cinnamon star cookies and recently discovered that that strategy only works if I change the hiding place every few days.

Lei said...

ooh, aaaah. beautiful creations and pictures! tfs!