Thursday, December 21, 2006

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

My parents poor parents, who live in the Denver area, are trying to make it down here to Big City with no luck so far due to the massive storm there. They had quite the day yesterday. Here's an excerpt from an email my dad sent to a work colleague this morning that he copied me on:

"Recap of yesterday's Trains, Planes, Buses, and Automobiles:

6:00 AM - left for airport
8:00 AM - boarded plane
2:00 PM - deboarded plane
2:30 PM - train to terminal (piece of cake!)
4:00 PM - found luggage among thousands
4:30 PM - unable to get to parking lot, we boarded Boulder bus
9:00 PM - dropped off at Louisville Safeway in 30 inch snow level (in tennis shoes)
9:45 PM - arrived 2 blocks from home by police car, yes... both of us in the prisoner's seat (bullet-proof plexi glass and all!)
10:00 PM - we, shuttling 3 fifty pound suitcases through 200 yards of 30 inches snow, arrive whence we began.
10:45 PM - I shut my eyes and say my prayers: "God, why have you done this to me", the answer he replied: "there's just something about you that pisses me off!"

Besides all that, we have crying grandchildren in Mexico City.

I'll let you know the next chapter.

Job (his last name)"

They already bought new tickets for tomorrow that we think are going to have to be changed to Saturday. :(

I love them for trying!!!


Janice J said...

So sorry to hear that! My parents are completely snowed in but they are staying in Boulder for Christmas. BTW: Claudia and I have been playing phone tag for the past two weeks.

Valarie said...

oh no! What a long day. And I just read that the airport is closed through Friday morning. It's especially hard this time of year when flights were almost completely full anyway.

Rachelle said...

Your poor parents! I hope they can make it there soon!

txmommy said...

oh I hope they make it!

my good friend has a son and his fiance stuck there trying to get to DC for their wedding. Argh!

No Cool Story said...

Your parents are so cool (and they come visit you often considering how far you are).
I hope they can make it sooner than later and without having to suffer through the snow :(

Best of luck Gab's parents!!

No Cool Story said...

I see flights are going out of Denver now, this is good jolly news!

Janice J. said...

Now that Denver is back up, I hope your parents can make it to you by Christmas. Keep us posted.