Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Plan December: December 1-4

Here's my update on Plan December .

December 1: The Search for the Perfect Tree

We wanted to go to this huge flower/plant/fruit market that is in downtown on Friday to buy our tree but, due the the inaguration of the new Mexican president here in Big City, the roads in most of the center of the city were closed. So we shopped around a little closer to home.

Guapo thought he had found the perfect tree:

... until they wanted to charge us the super-special-gringo price of $400. Um, I think not. Poor Guapo, aka The Tree Snob, had to settle for a 7 foot tree instead of the 12 ft. tree he wanted. He has been looking at it with disgust since it went up, but I think it's a nice tree.

December 2: Continuation of Decorating and the Ward Party

Saturday the streets opened up and we were able to go to the cool market. I figured Guapo would lose control and buy a second tree, but he restrained himself from even going to look at the trees on Saturday. We bought 15 poinsettas and this awesome arrangement of roses and holly berries:And some other decorations:

At our ward Christmas party we had a special visitor:

Here's Julio (3 1/2 yrs) sitting on Santa's lap. (check out the little dude behind Santa trying to give him bunny ears! That kid's getting coal for sure.)

December 3: The Grinch

Sunday we got a little off track. Only some of us watched "The Grinch" (cartoon version). That would be Julio who watched it twice while the rest of us ran around getting the house ready for 10 dinner guests. It was a fun dinner though, we got out all of the Christmas plates and stuff and Guapo manned the grill.

December 4: Prefab Gingerbread House

Have you seen these? I bought mine at C0stco and I LOVED it. It was so easy and fun. I didn't have to make the frosting or bake anything so the mess was minimal. The kids had a blast.



One Cute Christmas Kid Story: when Julio was saying his prayer a couple of nights he asked Heavenly Father that Santa would come and put presents in his "boot" (he meant stocking). :)

On to day 5! I hope you are all enjoying the season.


Nettie said...

ANOTHER reason I wish there were a Costco nearby!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I miss going and cutting our own tree. Poor Guapo having to settle. And I can't believe you are pregnant and hosting large dinner parties. You go girl!

Gabriela said...

Nettie: well, 6 of the people were kids, so I don't think that really counts!!! Hey-we enter the 3rd trimester this week, huh? Hope you're feeling good.

julie76 said...

So is that lit up tree the one in your house? It looks FAB, as do the houses!

Janice J. said...

I'm way impressed! Keep the Christmas fun coming!

txmommy said...

looks like your holiday is going really well. How fun!

Merry Christmas, I can't wait to see the rest of the countdown.

No Cool Story said...

Ah yes, the extra-special Gringo fee upgrade. Now, That's $400 pesos right?
That tree is very impressive, I love all the red from the Nochebuenas, berries and roses (beautiful).
What a fun mom you are BOFF :)

Kristine said...

400 dollars? Holy cow! No tree is THAT beautiful. Funny that it was the gringo upgrade...and yet not...

Your decorations are beautiful! I love that you have planned and are keeping on track pretty well.

Grammy said...

It looks like Christmas is shaping up better than ever at your place this year. The decorations look beautiful and the activities sound perfect. You're my hero!