Tuesday, February 13, 2007

8 Months-The Final Stretch!!!

Yay!!! Would you look at the little ticker above? Only 26 days to go (or less). I am so anally punctual that no child of mine would dare to be born after my due date.

Did I just jinx myself? Probably.

The last month seems so short and so long all at the same time. Sometimes I say "26 days" and I think, "That's nothing!!!" and other times I say "26 days" and I think, "How on earth can I possibly make it 26 more days?"

Other Random Notes

Guapo's Latest Name Suggestion: Earl.

Juan Carlos Wrestles with Death (well, the idea of it at least): We had a turtle pass this week which was very sad for everyone. Guapo aptly fulfilled one of his "Man/Dad" jobs and buried the little guy in the garden. Juan Carlos just doesn't get it. And who can blame him? He's not yet 4. He came up with some great suggestions as to how to revive the poor thing.

  1. open up his eyes
  2. open up his mouth and put food in and wait
  3. dig him up, kiss him and put him back in the water

I tried to explain, "His body doesn't work anymore, but his spirit is with Heavenly Father." To which he replied with a quizzical look, "Heavenly Father lives in the dirt?"

I love it when they say cute things like that!


Jules said...

You are beautiful!
So sorry about the turtle. Poor J.C.

No Cool Story said...

Look at you! You are so cute :D

Earl? I say Guapo needs to stop watching TV.

Aww, poor JC, I love #3, a kiss and water, why wouldn't that work?.
"Heavenly Father lives in the dirt?", oh, that's too much.

No Cool Story said...

26 DAYS!!!

Janice said...

You look way too cute to be eight months pregnant. 26 days! Such a great milestone. Again, I have an Oscar, so Earl doesn't sound too bad.

Kristine said...

I have to agree you look great for only having 26 days left.

I know the last 6 weeks for me are torture during a pregnancy...I wish you luck.

I do think Heavenly Father is in the dirt, but not quite in the same way that Juan Carlos meant. LOL!

Maine Mom said...

You look great! I hope your baby DOES arrive on time, I'm never that lucky.
Poor Juan Carlos. I love his reviving suggestions and question about Heavenly Father.too cute!

txmommy said...

poor JC! Cute about the dirt:)
You look awesome, and smiley, and like you are sooooo having another boy (don't you love when people make random predictions?)

GOod luck with the last month.

jules said...

Just curious-Does your mom think you are having a boy or a girl? Hasn't she been right every time?

Rachelle said...

You look great!!

Kristen said...

Earl? As in, "My Name is..."? Well, it's not as bad as some of the other suggestions I guess. ;-) I hope you get the final say!

That is such a cute story about the turtle. ;-) Hard to explain those kinds of things to kids.

Hang in there....26 days. That's hard to believe.

Nicole said...

Are you serious? You look AMAZING for almost being due. That is awesome. I'd be showing that picture to everyone I know!

Dawn said...

Wow, you don't look 8 months pregnant!

I came over from KRisten's WW. I took the picture, and I have been blogging since June. I'm Call Me Grandma Dawn. Come on over sometime!

Lei said...

Youa re so cute! It wasn't long ago that you were telling me to hang in there... so now it's my turn... You can do it Gab!

Grammy said...

Sorry about your little pet, but what cute stories and interesting theological discussions it leads to.

I Love you and hope things go great.....but you have no right to look that cute and shapely at 8 months. I swear I was bigger than that at 5 (especially with "boychild")

k-squared's mom said...

You look great! I remember that just-about-to-give-birth-moms are supposed to look bloated but you look radiant! I love the flowers on your table ( i think from a previous post) but this just proves to me again that you're having another boy!!!! I do want to be wrong so Margarita can have the little sister that she wants so much! I miss you a lot and I will be praying for an easy delivery. Take care and write soon!

Sketchy said...

I'm so glad I'm not pregnant right now because you would give me a complex! LOL Well OK I'm glad I'm not pregnant right now for other reasons as well, but dang you look great!

Sorry about the turtle, but your son is a cutie pie!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I think I was twice that size at that stage! You look awesome!

Very sweet suggestions on how to bring the turtle back to life. What a sweetheart!