Friday, February 23, 2007

My Muchacha Woes

Last I shared, we (well, Guapo) fired our first Big City maid because of all the weird stuff she did and for leaving the kids alone. It's been a rough road since then.

Replacement Muchacha #1.

(Monday after Christmas Break) I picked her up from my friend's house on a Monday morning and she was gone 24 hours later. Her sister called me and told me she left because I had starved her. Hmmmmm. Not exactly true. Unless, if by starved she meant asking her to make me a list of all the things she wanted from the grocery store and then buying everything she wanted and more, then I guess, yes, I did, in fact, starve her.

Good Riddance!!!

(...3 days later) Replacement Muchacha #2: A charming lady who showed up on a Friday while I was enjoying my 3 morning hours without my kids with her very sick 3 year old grandson who followed me around the house and coughed on every square centimeter of my house.

Hasta Luego!!!

(the following Monday) Replacement Muchacha #3: An actual gem. I love this girl. Great with my kids, doesn't annoy me, good cleaner. She didn't show up on Monday, 19 days before my due date. Then she came Tuesday to tell me she has an ovarian cyst and won't be able to work until the problem is taken care of.

Moaning and Wailing!!!

(yesterday) Replacement Muchacha #4. Nice lady but I can tell she has already raised her 4 kids and doesn't want to be around my little cherubs. We are T-17 days from having baby #4 and the woman doesn't want to help out with the kids.


So another one will bite the dust and I will sit her and hope that #3's cyst bursts soon so she can come back to me!!!


Liz said...

oh no! maybe muchacha #3 can suck it up? :) just kidding. Those are no fun to deal with.

No Cool Story said...


Replacement #1 sounds like she got the "no me hayo" syndrome. That' what they all say "I can't find myself" for whatever reason...or in this case, the Gringa starved the Mexi :P Whatever!

Sometimes the best thing is to go to your friends and ask if their muchachas have a sister or cousin muchacha, that way they come recommended AND they feel like they have to look good to their relative who recommended them.

Sorry Gabs! Hope you find someone to help you soon. I hate having to teach someone all the ins and outs, just to have them leave.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Hmmm... that is tricky... you found the perfect one and there has to be a catch!? Not fair! I hope you find someone soon. Keep us posted.

Sketchy said...

Here's hoping #3 is better soon for your sake and hers!

JD said...

Praying for popping cysts!! I feel your pain on the count down.

k-squared's mom said...

I'm sure the right one will show up at the proper time. It's the waiting that's so hard to bear!!! Cheer up, I'm sure with or without another muchacha, you will manage beautifully. You always do!

If push comes to shove, send airfare/busfare to your muchacha from smalltown or someone you know from small town to help around with the kids and the house the first few weeks after you give birth. That way, you all will be familiar with her.

Take care!

Nicole said...

I think finding someone that you trust and you really like would be hard. i hope you find someone soon. That baby is going to be here and days it sounds like. Good luck!

utmommy said...

I hope you find a good one soon! It seems that once you are happy with someone or something, then things have to change. Go figure.

txmommy said...

Oh no! Is your mom or MIL coming when the baby is born?
Here's hoping the next one will be the perfect fit.

Nettie said...

This whole muchacha thing would be driving me nuts! Don't they have Merry Maids or something that could at least come and do the cleaning for you until the cyst resolves?

Toni said...

Hi! Found you from NCS- I will come and be your maid if you will starve me like #1! I'm already a maid around here- why not get paid and starved for the it?

I'll be lurking and plundering through your archives for the weekend if that is alright??

Maine Mom said...

I could use a maid about now! I hope #3 gets better and is able to help you out soon. Good luck :-)