Thursday, March 01, 2007

T-10 Days

10 days until my due date.

I plan to do a little update every day until the child leaves me. If you've been pregnant, you know how bad the last few days can be, so you can expect a lot of whining and moaning. I'll totally understand if you pass on my blog.

So here's an update:

Maid Situation: After getting rid of the temporary maid that didn't like kids, I talked to the maid that I actually like with the ovarian cyst. She has been receiving medical advice from her cousin who is a doctor. OF PODIATRY (yes, that is sarcasm you can hear). The podiatrist/cousin told her she needs AT LEAST a month's rest to recover. So we are currently muchacha-free which is kind-of refreshing.

What I've Been Up To:

Cleaning: see above.

Nesting: check out my pantry.

Cooking: My nice friend came over last week and we made 31 freezer meals, or "frozen delights" as Guapo calls them. I'm set.

One Act of Desperation:

These are the overalls I vowed NEVER to wear again after my last pregnancy. I kept them only to use them to be a farmer for Halloween.

I have been driven back into my overalls by the new fangled low-rise maternity pants. They look so cute in the store-then you get them home and they fall down every time you move. You'd have to wear suspenders to make them practical.

Of course the shoulder straps of the overalls are kind-of a pain seeing that I have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

Guapo's Most Recent Addition to the Name Pool: Mort and Fannie.

One Cute Juan Carlos Quote: He asked me the other day, "How does the baby sleep in you with out a pillow and a blanket?"

See you tomorrow!


Special K ~Toni said...

Sounds like you have been busy! All those freezer meals will be a blessing after the baby is born! Good luck!

Super Happy Girl said...

JC is full of cute quotes, what a sweet heart.

For a minute I thought the muchacha got her medical advice from the Pharmacist, who as you know by now, knows absolutely everything. So let's see, cysts go away by resting...yes! I could so use that.

What a sweet friend to come make frozen deliciousness from your cool book
You look cute in your overalls, like a gorgeous farmer :)
Mort and Fannie. Ok, I get it, for a minute I thought these names were for real, but now I know they are just fake names for the blog. That Guapo had me worried.

10 days!

Anonymous said...

I remember all too well the final stretch! the days drag!!!!
How exciting though!
What is the name of the cookbook that you used for the "frozen delights"? I love having a couple meals on hand.

Anonymous said...

Gariela, I am new to this whole blogging thing. The above response was from Diane (FHS).
Fun to get back in contact!

Janice said...

You have inspired me. I am cleaning out my pantry today!

Lana said...

wow! your frozen meals and clean pantry put me to shame!

Anonymous said...

You so look great in overalls! Being busy makes for an earlier due date so clean and organize away. You forgot to add to your blog that even if you're not about to give birth, you still do your freezer meals and your pantry always looks that organized. You are just so good at making us regular moms feel good. 10 days away from your due date and you are still your super-mom self!

J.C. just says the cutest things! Will he lend his new baby sibling his well-loved blankie? Last few days that J.C. will be your youngest. He's going to be a big brother soon! I can't wait to know what are Guapo's real choices for baby names. When he finally says them, you can get your revenge by pretending to not like any of them!

You're looking great at the homestretch! You are so having a boy.......Take care and good luck with the muchacha issue. Hope it solves itself soon!

Gabriela said...

Toni: Thanks!

NCS: yes, the 19-year old farmasists here have quite a bit of clout. I'm glad you know Guapo is joking, I'm still not sure!

Hi Diane!! Great to hear from you. I'll email you the book title.

Janice: I have a feeling your pantrys not all that messy!

txmommy: I was just me nesting trying to induce labor!

k-squared's mom: hi!!! JC is worried he has to give his "kiki" to the new baby. Poor thing. And, my pantry was NEVER clean in Carmen-but thanks for remembering me that way!!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I've been lamenting the low-rise maternity pants. Finally got me some good ol' panel pants (but with a shirt over them, they look like cute boot-cuts. kind-of). I can't believe you're only ten days away...seems like you were just announcing your pregnancy (I'm sure it does NOT seem that way to you!). I am having serious nesting envy here - the frozen meals. SOOO awesome. Might have to add that to my list.

And whine away - I like the updates / countdown. :)

Code Yellow Mom said...

P.S. You look so much better than a farmer at Halloween would ever look in those overalls.