Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fighting off the Blogging Blahs

I feel a blogging lull coming over me, so I'm trying to fight it off with a post. Luckily, Maine Mom tagged me for what sounded like an easy, quick post:

I'm supposed to go to my pictures file and upload the 4th photo in the 4th folder and the 6th photo in the 6th folder.

Sounds easy right?

Well, not if you are me and 1) love lots and lots of sub-folders to organize your photos and 2) are obsessive compulsive about keeping rules.

It starts well as I open my "my pictures" file. Then I count down 4 files and was about to open it, but wait, the 1st file was my "adobe" file where I keep my outgoing emailable pictures-not really photos that I use. Should I count that? And hey, the 3rd folder is one for bookclub that I use to save pictures of book covers of books on the too buy list. Does that count?

I don't think so.

Ok, so I'll just skip those two and count to the 4th file (which is really the 6th which is making me feel slightly uncomfortable already). No pictures, just more folders. So do I just pick whatever folder I want and pick out the 4th picture, or do I count to the 4th folder in this folder??? Or the 3rd because I already opened 1 folder?

Hmmmm. I'll just go to the 4th folder within the 4th folder.

Ok, this one's got one folder and (finally) some pictures. But do I count the folder as a picture and count to the third picture?

(Ward Christmas Party 2006)

Or, do I just ignore the folder (even though it is listed 1st) and just put the 4th photo?

(Juan Carlos on Santa's lap at the same Christmas Party)

Or, do I open the folder and take the 4th picture???

(Christmas Tree-Mexico City 2006)

maybe I count the sub-folder as one and take the 3rd picture?

(making cinnamon ornaments)

As I start to question my decision about not counting the bookclub folder, I realize that this is for MY BLOG and not really an issue that I should be spending so much brain power on. I mean, I could just stick two random pictures on and you would never know.

But then I would feel like I was cheating...

Sorry, but I'm not even taking you through Folder 6, Photo 6, but I did find this cute picture of Ronald from our Mexico days:

Pheww. That wore me out.

So help me out here-which of these posts are you most interested in:

  • "It's My Way or I'll Make You Pay" Pedro's New Motto
  • Finally-A Solid Poop!
  • Meat-Flavored Chips: Brazilian Fad or Worldwide Phenomenon?
  • I Serve By Receiving Massages
  • Why I Pay Someone to Annoy Me: A Maid Update
Or, feel free to ask me a question! Help me get through this blogger's block!

(And if you'd like to take the Photo Challenge, considered yourself tagged. It'll be really easy if you're not anal like me)


Janice said...

I love hearing you maid stories. Keep those coming.

Ballerina Girl said...

I am not anal like you so I will take the challenge! The problem is that I am totally opposite you..not even knowing which folder is which and pictures the same...AGH, let's see what I come up with!
Your post both made surfer dude and I laugh while we ate our dinner tonight!
As for which post I want to see?
How about I put them in the order I want to see them in because I love how you write so I want to see them goes: (and excuse the longevity of this comment ((it is practically a post in itself)) )
1. Finally a solid poop (because I am still waiting for one from Bella)
2. Maid update
3. Pedro's new motto
4. Meat flavored chips
5. Massages (which from the title it seems I may want to partake in this type of serving/receiving also!)

love you!

Abby said...

The maid, the messages, and Pedro please!

Abby said...

I mean massages:)

Kari said...

Aaahhh!! Laugh out LOUD!!!!!!!!!

Please tell us more maid stories, and of COURSE how you serve by getting massages.

Anonymous said...

I am really interested about your current maid situation. Anything about Pedro is sure to make me smile too. And since reading your blog has been one of my daily must do's for the last two years (has it been that long? or longer?), hope you get through your blogger's "block" to write something about the other three.

Maine Mom said...

I'm feeling guilty here. I hope it didn't take you hours to decide which pictures to post. :-) It didn't, right?

Meat-Flavored chips...are those good?
The massages and maid topic might depress me as I go about life here as a "single mom" for another few weeks or maybe it will motivate me to abandon the kids for some pampering and I'll hire a maid while I'm out!
"It's My Way or I'll Make You Pay" sounds interesting and I have a feeling I'll be able to relate.

lizzy-loo said...

massages, pedro, maid. all your posts are great. if you are handing out massages where do i sign up?

Janet said...

I like your blog no matter what you write. I might think up a question to ask and be back.

Yes, you guys should come visit. I think the kids would have a blast! Surely you could squeeze Florida into your next trip to the states. :)

Awesome Mom said...

Meat flavored chips and the annoying maid are top on my list of things I want to hear about. I would have a hard time doing this one too because I love me some folders.

Lynne said...

I want more maid stories!!

andalucy said...

I've been wondering how your pregnant (darn her!) maid is doing. Although meat-flavored chips and solid poop do sound intriguing.

marine's words said...

I thought I was the only one that gets blogging blah's ")

that is how I feel blah.

and I love your stories don't stop sharing. marina

Millie said...

That's a fun picture meme and seems relatively easy to do.

P.S. I'm blogging again :)

Word verification: BOBBER

Super Happy Girl said...

Who knew a photo tag would mean so much work? ;)
I love the kitty with hat!

I vote for Pedro (of course), meat flavored chip and last but by no mean least "maid stories"

Anonymous said...

Bring on the solid poop, and the the maid to clean it up!

You crack me up! The meat chips put a nasty picture on my head, but curiosity always win, so make that the 3rd.

Love to read anything you post, anytime - you crack me up!

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