Monday, November 03, 2008

The Best of Brazil- Fresh Squeezed Tangerine Juice


Fresh tangerine juice. For about 6 months of the year here in Big City, the grocery store that I shop at, Hortifruti (pronounced "oat-chi-fruit-chi", kind of fun to say) has fresh squeezed tangerine juice. Year round they have a lovely selection of fresh juices like, orange, pineapple, pineapple with mint (sounds kind of gross, but it's really good), watermelon, papaya (ewwww), papaya and orange, orange and carrot, kiwi, etc. etc. But the tangerine juice is my favorite. Of course, it's the most expensive, but I really don't care. You can't get it the States so I have to take advantage of it while I live here.

Sadly, we are back to nasty long-life boxed milk here after enjoying fresh in Mexico City, but at least I have my juice!


Janet said...

Sounds refreshing. I love fresh fruit juice.
I've been trying to sneak some nasty powdered milk from our food storage into the regular milk lately. The kids are too smart for that though.

nikko said...

Boxed milk sounds disgusting! I love juice, though. I think that would be my weakness if I lived there!

Anonymous said...

Yum! You are making me thirsty!

Ballerina Girl said...

I will be going shopping tomorrow!!!
Thanks for letting me know!!
I have missed it and I guess kinda forgot about it..
thank you, thank you thank you!

lizzy-loo said...

gabi - the hortifruti juice is yummy and you can get fresh milk. we purchased it all the time at - ahh i can't think of the store name now it is in humaita close to dominos pizza. i will remember later i am sure.

Maine Mom said...

Sounds yummy.

I'm so happy that you get to go home for the holidays!

txmommy said...

sounds yummy. I'd like to live somewhere new and try exciting new juices! but I'll pass on the boxed milk experience :)

Abby said...

One more reason to come visit (Matt mentioned a few days ago that we actually might!!!). I love fresh squeezed oj, so tangerine sounds absolutely lovely.

Fabiola said...

I just love tangerine juice. But my favorite (it is not a juice) but those sweeet coconut water that you CANNOT find in São Paulo. I go to the beach when I am in Big City just to buy one for me.


PS: I hate any kind of milk.... So, for me it doesn´t matter.

Maine Mom said...

I just tagged you! It's a quick, photo tag. Come join the fun!

No Cool Story said...

That sounds delicious. I drink a lot of juice so this is right up my alley.

I wonder why boxed milk (no fridge needed before opening) is so popular over there and not here.