Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Back. (Finally!)

Been a while, eh? Happy Belated Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a great day.

We had Gaupo's brother, his wife and two of their four kids visit us for 8 days. We had a super time-I was sad to see them leave on Wednesday (it helped though, that we will see them in a few weeks!!!). We've had our parents visit and some of our single siblings, but we've never had any of the kids' cousins come to our house; it was a highlight of the year for my kids. We stayed so busy, I fell into bed every night exhausted!

We went to the beach:

Saw some sites:

Did some hiking (sadly, we did not see any monkeys while they were here :( ):

Ate (a LOT):

Had some funky sleeping arrangements for the 5 big kids:

The grown-ups went to "The City of Samba" one night where they give you a little taste of what Carnaval is like:

here's Guapo's very tall brother with two Carnaval people on stilts:

Margarita and her cousin, who are in the same grade, were inseparable-he even went to school two days with her which I think is pretty cool since he was on vacation. At night after we'd get the "little kids" to bed, they would stay up a little later reading:

(The grown-ups, on the other hand, stayed up watching our favorite episodes of "The Office". Good times, good times)

It was a great week, and we really appreciate the time and effort it took for them come to Brazil to visit us.

In Pedro News, the paint-in-the-hair trick was just the beginning of his "putting-gooey-stuff-in-his-hair" phase. Since then he has also put milky-cereal, yogurt and my personal favorite, vaseline in his hair. Any tips on how to get vaseline out of his hair? It's been 3 days and numerous baths and he is still totally greasy.

He has also started telling me "don't want to" when I try to get him dressed, and screaming "MINE!!!" when his (preceived or otherwise) belongings are touched by anyone. Aggggggh!!! 3 weeks until the dreaded 10 hour flight.

Not good.


Ballerina Girl said...

calm, calm, calm...10 hours AGH!!!!
Great shots and looks like it was a fun time!
Maybe Pedro will grow up to be a rock star with that doo?! hahaha!

Awesome Mom said...

I wish I could help, but I am laughing too hard to think of anything.

lizzy-loo said...

it sounds like you had a really nice visit. everyone is getting so big. margarita looking so grown up and pedro has really grown.

take the night flight. tire him out and put him to sleep!

GutsyWriter said...

New to your blog. I remember flying from LA to Paris, also 10 hours with young children. Good luck! It gets better when they're older.

Abby said...

Fun! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks:)

My Full Hands said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. We don't have any cousins that live close either, so when they visit is is such a treat!

Janet said...

Dish soap is supposed to be a de-greaser. Try that. ☺

Kari said...

What great hosts you are! Makes ME want to come visit! Sorry I have no vaseline powder would just make it kind of paste-y, wouldn't it?

Marina said...

looks like you had a lot of fun ") marina

Maine Mom said...

Fun times!...not Pedro getting into mischief, but having family visiting!

That IS going to be a long flight with Pedro. But being home for Christmas will be worth it, right?!

txmommy said...

10 hours, that's shorter than some peoples labor...helpful?