Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Post From Colorado

Well, I guess it's about time that I get back to posting, huh? The last 10 days have been extremely busy and full. You think I was crazy with my pre-move organizing? That was nothing compared to the frenzy since we arrived here on the 19th. I want to have everything just how I want it immediately and it's just not possible, but I sure give it my best effort. All other activities such as blogging, reading, remembering important birthdays (sorry Abs- happy birthday!), piano playing, and sometimes eating, sleeeping, and showering have all been put on hold until today.

May we never move again-I don't think I can go through it.

So, I'm going to show you some photos of the house-it's not "done" by any means, but if I waited until it was, I probably wouldn't post until 2024.

My sister-in-law was in charge of choosing paints, furniture, bathroom remodels, etc, etc. She did a fantastic job and if I were to have another child, I would owe it to her for her incredible effort in our behalf.

Here she is with her favorite update-the master bath (and yes, she always looks that cute-you know how those designer types are):

Just so you get an idea of how much she did, here's a before picture of the bathroom (that's carpet on the floor):

We didn't do much in the kitchen, but what she did do added a lot I think. Here's the before:

And the after (sorry it's a little messy-no more maid-mamma's tired!)

She added this awesome mosaic (I heart mosaics) back splash (isn't that just a fun to say?):

That's my new Kitchen Aid-apparently I need to make some banana bread with it.

Here's the family room before:

and after:

The TV's on the coffee table because our entertainment unit hasn't arrived yet and we still need another chair and some curtains in there, but you get the idea. I love the green paint and the new beefed-up mantle and that she got rid of that nasty wood paneling.

Here are a couple of different views of the dining room-I love the metallic plum paint, the leafy chandelier and the velvet chairs that the kids aren't allowed to get near (practical, I know):

Here's the living room (sorry, no before here; just imagine a boring rectangular room with white walls:

The mirrors were one of my few "finds" of the whole process. I love them. My mom 's neighbor was moving and gave us the piano-yay! It desperately needs to be tuned, but it works.

Here are two more bathrooms-no before here either but they were very similar to the master bath-icky with carpet. Now we have granite on the counter tops and natural stone tile on the floors:

And here's the master bedroom; we're still working on the accent pillows and shams for the bed and we're missing one dresser (I don't want to share):

I'd show you the boys' rooms, but they are too messy for photos right now and Margarita's room needs a little more work before it's photo worthy-but at some point I will post pictures.

Here's the BEAST of a lawn that we have spent hours upon hours this past week giving us all sore backs and blisters. We have a very vigilant HOA and it's going to be a big job keeping them off our back:

Julio receiving his first mowing lesson (he proceeded to mow about 90% of the lawn):

Finally, here's the lovely view from the lake in our neighborhood:

It's great to be home!


Janice said...

Oh so lovely. It makes me homesick.

andalucy said...

The house looks great! You're lucky to have such a talented sister-in-law. It must be busy but so exciting, too, to start your family's new life there. Thanks for posting the pics!

Ballerina Girl said...

WOW! So impressive Gabriela!
I love the paint...and the bathrooms look fantastic!
Julio will be a huge assett for that you just have to teach him how to drive the driveable mower, hahaha!

Missing you...

Lynne said...

She did a wonderful job!! And I love the view of the lake? How old is Julio? We are hoping to have Lucas start mowing soon!

K-cube's mom said...

I have missed you the last couple of weeks but figured out that you must be busy. Understatement! Your house and lawn looks fabulous!

Betty W said...

I love the place you live in! With your own lake. The house looks great! I´m sure you will feel at home soon enough.
Is this near where your mom and your mom´s friend Jeanie live? Just wondering... :)

Fabiola said...

I was about to write you an email to check if everything was all right ; )

I love the after pictures. I am particularly fan of the metallic plum paint. It is so you!!! Love it.

I hope you start to share your new adventures (with a new banner) soon ; )

Abby said...

Um...gorgeous! I *love* the living room especially, and the bathrooms look so nice and fresh and new.

Awesome yard too--I bet the kids are going nuts that they have a yard. Matt told me he talked to Guapo who said that they just go outside and RUN.

Speaking of Guapo, are you guys keeping your special Spanish blog names?

Oh, and it's okay that you missed my birthday since you were on a flight mid-move with your four children from a different continent and all. I'll let it slide;)


Janet said...

Oh so fun to decorate a new house! Makes me want to move again. :)
My sis was in Denver last week and said it was gorgeous weather. Welcome home. :)

Super Happy Girl said...

So awesome! And I love the mosaic and colors throughout the house.
Woo hoo, Julio doing the lawn, how cool is that?

"I want to have everything just how I want it immediately..." Amen sister.

Unknown said...

You have such a beautiful home! I'm so glad you arrived safely and you are well on your way to being settled in. :-)

Davifer said...

I am surprised that Guapo remembered which end of a lawn mower was which.

Emily said...

Has Julio a solid understanding of the dangers inherent in lawn mowers? I think maybe you ought to fly Aaron out there to give him a brief seminar.
Just kidding. The place looks amazing. Nice to have this blog to keep up!

Kari said...

Fantastic! Thanks for posting the photos! It's amazing what a difference a good coat of paint will make, and the mosaic tiles in the kitchen make ALL the difference! I also never understood carpet in the bathroom. Or the dining room, really, with all the spill possibilities. Anyway. Kudos to your grand sister-in-law, too.

Tyler and Karen Davis said...

Wow. We are blown away at your amazing house. Way to go guys. Welcome back!!