Sunday, June 13, 2010

If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is...

This is my box of Kirkland Plastic Food Wrap. It contained 3,000 square feet of plastic wrap. I've always had a special bond with this particular plastic wrap purchase and have felt it deserved it's own post about, but I've just never done it. Until today.

I bought it at Costco when we first moved to Mexico City in August of 2006. I have used it almost daily since then-almost 4 years now.

It ran out tonight; just four short days before we leave Brazil. Just four days before I'll be able to go to Costco again and buy some new plastic wrap (maybe not quite such a big box this time). I love it when the stars align like that. :)

Goodbye plastic wrap, thanks for serving me so well over the years and staying with me til the end. Your sticking power really blew away the local Mexican and Brazilian competitors.

Now it's time for us both to move on.

(yes, I know I'm weird)


Rosey said...

That is the best stuff ever.

Hope your family is well!

Janice said...

Now I need to go and buy some. I had no idea it was so good.

Super Happy Girl said...

It was meant to be Gabs.
Totally :)

Lucy said...

That IS a sign. I'm getting goosebumps! ;-)