Monday, June 07, 2010

What Was I Just Saying?

Yes, I realize how hypocritical this post is so quick on the heels of the last. But, allow me to clarify. I'm not so much "anti-stuff" as I am "anti-useless-stuff-that-takes-up-too-much-space". I'm all for useful stuff. And what's more useful than shoes? I mean, you've got to have them, right?

And Brazil's Havaianas are the hands-down best flip-flops in the world. (So what if they offer little to no arch support and after 3 years of using them my foot is a size larger, requiring me to buy all new shoes (dang it! ;)? ). And, they are so cheap here-just over $10 USD a pair-compared to close to $30.00 in the States. Let's not forget I'm leaving next week, and I probably won't return to Brazil for years, if ever. And, did I mention Margarita and I have the same size foot right now, so we can share shoes? So when I buy 2 pairs, it's really like I'm buying one for me and one for her? And, flip flops take up hardly any space at all.

So what's a girl to do?

I love them. All of them.


Ballerina Girl said...

oh my gosh, you are too funny!
I tried today to find my Ipanema brand but they didn't have my I am off to lojas americanas to look there (got a tip that they are there too!)
I love the ones you bought, great with all outfits!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

They don't weigh much either :0- I am a shoe-a-holic as well so I totally buy those excuses-

Abby said...

Awesome, love them. I forgot the ones you brought for me at home in Iowa last time I was there and my mom has since claimed them for her own.

There's hope though--I was at Nordstrom Rack on Saturday and saw them for $12! There wasn't nearly the variety you have there though, so I think you're still justified;)

I also love how frequently you've been posting lately!

Gabriela said...

Abs, I've got a couple of cute pairs for you as well. :) Apart from my 7 pairs; I thought it would be misleading (and falsely incriminating) to include yours in the pile.

Thanks for reading...I've got to make up for March, April and May!

Janice said...

FYI: Your shoe size is probably larger because of Pedro. It is really common for woman to have their shoe sizes go up after having a baby. You can now go buy more, since they probably aren't all that bad for your feet. Oh and I'm a size 8.

Super Happy Girl said...

"And what's more useful than shoes?"
Oh Gabs :D

I love the red ones and the ones on the right next to them.

Maine Mom said...

We are so much alike when it comes to anti-stuff that is not useful! I'm still trying to figure out how to decrease the amount of stuff that comes into our home. It's quite challenging when kids are around! My advice is to only go shopping when you need something (this is easy for me because I'm not a shopper)and to make sure you have a list of what you need and stick to it.

P.S. I don't consider a bunch of flip flops useless stuff. :-) I tried to buy a bunch at Old Navy during their sale, but I was too late and missed out.

Fabiola said...

Ok, I promise I will ship some to you when you are back in US while I am here ; )

k-cube's mom said...

Can't say I blame you. I love them too!

Pbianchi said...

Now I know for sure that you have learned good lessons from me.....the justification of shoe purchases. A glance at that picture was the same as peeking under my bed (along w/20 pr of running shoes).