Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Kids Are On A Roll

One last post before it's Puppy Time. T-15 hours and we'll be dog owners once again. (sigh)

Anyway, earlier in the week it was Pedro that was cracking us up, and today it's Juan Carlos (7 yrs old). I was going through his Friday folder which contains all of his graded work from the week and I came across this little gem in which he has to list 10 mammals. I was there that day, helping some of the kids with this worksheet. He had one mammal left to go and told me he was going to put "naked mole rat", a totally acceptable mammal. I left him to finish up and went on to the next kid.

I should have checked his work. (you can click to enlarge)

Not "naked mole rat". No, no. He ended up writing "naked male" You can see the teacher's obvious confusion-the double question marks and the arrow pointing to #4, "people", which would obviously included all naked males (and clothed ones for that matter).

Oh my. I've been laughing all night thinking about what she must have been thinking when she read it.

("peking bird" was also a mystery-maybe he meant "Peking duck"? or a "pecking bird"? Who knows)

Have a great weekend!


Janice said...

Now I have laughed out loud. Too funny.

Fabiola said...

Juan Carlos is just precious!! I've been laughing out loud of his answer.

Kari said...

Perfect. Thanks for the chuckle.

Unknown said...

HAHAHA! I am laughing at both this post and your last post about Pedro. Kate likes the word stupid, too, so maybe we'll teach her to use uneducated instead. :-)

Rida said...

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Super Happy Girl said...

Well, naked males are in a category of their own ;)

PS Saya: "I promiss," Shut up you uneducated spammer.

jen said...

Ha! I agree that people and naked males are not necessarily the same species. Actually, males in general could probably all classify.

*sigh* I know this is a glimpse into my future.

I found you, of all places, when I went looking for images of survival mama...HA...glad I stopped by. Great laugh today. Keep laughing!