Thursday, July 13, 2006

One More Sleep

I think it was Grammy that taught my kids to count down anticipated occasions by counting the number of "sleeps" left. As in, "only 5 more sleeps 'til Christmas." I choose Christmas as an example because the last time we were here in our mountain house it was over Christmas break, so Juan Carlos (3 yrs old) will not stop asking me when Santa is coming.

Ummm, that would be 164 sleeps.

One more sleep until I am no longer a traveling single-mother. We meet up with Guapo tomorrow night, thank goodness.

I don't know how people do it. My kids make me batty when Guapo's not around. Well, I get batty when he is around, but it usually happens later in the day. It's so much better when I have back-up and can share the bad-guyness with Guapo. I'm don't seem like such a meanie when I won't let Julio light matches or Julio drop things in the potty because Guapo is right there backing me up.

It finally dawned on me last night that hiking is the perfect activity for my boys. They ran around and screamed and hit dead tree trunks with their "swords". No one was giving me that, "control your kids" look. I could just relax!

boys in forest

It's not just for discipline issues that I want Guapo here. Although they make me batty, my kids are great kids. They do cute things. The things are so much cuter when Guapo can enjoy their cuteness with me. Like yesterday, my mom bought Julio (5 yrs old) a Superman costume. The kid wore it We went shopping, to the park, out to eat, and yes, he went as Superman.


And, most of all, I just love Guapo and being with him.

Along with the end of my single-parentness is coming the end of my shopping extravaganza. It's much harder to spend the big bucks under Guapo's hawkish eye.

So, today while my big kids were in summer camp, Juan Carlos and I headed for the nearby outlet malls. I think Guapo coached him on the phone last night because he all of a sudden figured out if he told me he had to go to the bathroom we had to evacuated the store. He did this three times. After the first false alarm, I was on to his little plan. I would try to hold him off for a while, but he would tell me so loudly, over and over, that the sales people would look at me like I was abusing him.

Only once did he actually have to use the facilities (and it was just a little bit at that). The other times he changed his mind and told me he just wanted to see the fishermen (there was a river running through the mall).

The kid is turning into a real card. While we were shopping, this sweet sales girl was playing hide and seek with him while I was paying for my stuff and on our way out he said in a loud voice, "Mom, that girl's ugly". I wanted to die.

Then, later at a fast food restaurant, he told the girl that took our order she was "tiny" (she was quite petite). So, when we went into the very small bathroom (he finally did actually have to go) there were several large woman; I took preemptive action and covered his mouth before he could ask me whey the were fat (something he did the other day when he saw someone who was heavy).

See what I mean? Cute stuff.

Anyway, tomorrow as my last act as a single parent I have to get everyone packed and to the airport, park in out-lying parking because my parents are out of town, and somehow get my three kids, myself, and our bags into the airport where we will hook-up with Guapo and fly to Salt Lake together.

Wish me luck!


Super Happy Girl said...

Wishing all the best luck ever. I'll cross my fingers and toes for you tomorrow morning.

Just one more sleep so you and Guapo can share the oh-so-very-many joyous moments in parenting. :)

Code Yellow Mom said...

I feel for you!!! I absolutely, really do.

I'm goign to remember the hiking thing - I am tired of the "control your kids" look. And boys really do need actual, physical activity or we all go bonkers.

Best of luck with the airport and have a ball in Utah...we were just there two sleeps ago!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your vaycay.

momofalltrades said...

My husband is gone a.lot. I totally feel for ya! So glad you get to meet up with the man and do the family thing!

Gabriela said...

Thanks BOFF!

CYM: I have no room to complain compared to you!

Anonymous said...

Love all the cutie things your kids are up to.
Good Luck at the airport. I am so excited for you to see Guapo again.

smart mama said...

always glad when an extreme solo parenting venture ends-- really i couldn't do it myeslef-- have fun-- sounds like a rockin' summer

Lana said...

have a great time in SLC!

Millie said...

Good luck to you, very very much. I have a feeling angels attend us when we have to do things like this. They care about traveling and making sure the kids stay with Mom, too.

My brother Ernie was the same way: outspoken. LOUDLY outspoken. Fortunately now that he's 30, he's toned it down some.

I've heard the "how many sleeps" thing - on the Muppet Christmas Carol movie, which is really good - and thought it was so cute.

Kristen said...

Good luck! Being a single mom is hard; I was on my vacation all last week because my husband couldn't come.

Love Julio's comments. Kids are way too honest!

Gina said...

GOOD LUCK!!! What a trip! I hope your trip here is wonderful!

You are right, that little guy is a card... now I am scared for Liam to start talking...

Erickson Family said...

I too go nuts when my husband is not around. That is why we will never divorce. I'll do anything not to be a single parent. I think I would kill one or all of my children.

Looks like you've had fun in the mountains. Have a great trip to Utah and then back to Mexico. Happy traveling!

Unknown said...

Dang it. I just left Salt Lake City. I would have loved to meet you!

And I know how kids can say the darndest things. It's a gift!

Grammy said...

Good Luck! You can do it! I know you can.

I love your Superman and how happy he looks in that cape. Margarita has grown in the last 2 weeks. She looks so darn mature, it's scaring me just a little. Julio is a kick! (But perhaps the hand over the mouth was the best motherly course of action.)

Have a GREAT time. If you see C & W, give them a big hug from me.

Miss you! Are you coming back this way on your way to big city?

utmommy said...

Vacationing as a single parent is oh so fun! That's how TX was. The drive was long, but we survived. Hopefully you'll survive the airport experience. S, my five year old wears costumes all the time, and everywhere we go. I'd post a link, but I have no clue how to do that. But, I have a pic of him as Buzz at the park. Gotta love those kids!

utmommy said...

I forgot to ask, how long will you be in Salt Lake? I'm only about 45 minutes from there.

Karla said...

Hooray for you. It's always fun to have a little "adventure" to make you appreciate "normal" life even more. My husband just left town for ten days - luckily my Mom flew in to stay with us.

I took a tiny Cinderella around with me everywhere for about six months. It was really fun.

ShelahBooksIt said...

Good luck hooking up with Guapo. My kids have seen their dad for a grand total of about four hours this week-- not kidding (and we're going on vacation without him on Friday), so I hear you on the single-parent thing.