Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Margarita!

Here's my little girl 10 years ago. This is one of my all time favorite pictures-because it was the moment when I became a mom.

We didn't find out what we were having (we never do) and we were sure she was a boy. I'll never forget Guapo saying, "It's a girl?!?" when she was born. The wonderful surprise of having a girl made the month of bed rest, two embarrassing false-alarm trips to the hospital (one involving getting "checked" by a handsome ER doc in Moab while Guapo looked on), and the awful delivery, totally worth it.

I remember not wanting to go home from the hospital- I didn't have a clue what to do with a baby! My parents came in for the birth but then had to leave before I left the hospital, so I went home a new mom without my mom or Guapo's mom (Margarita arrived 3 weeks early and she had already purchased her ticket for a week after her due date). Luckily, I got a good one-she was a great baby and has been pretty easy ever since then. I have this, what I am sure is an erroneous idea that "girls are easy, boys are hard" because she has just been a breeze. I know, you're thinking-wait til she's a teenager, and maybe you're right, but for now, she continues to be my good girl.

She is the first grandchild on my family's side

..and she was the second in Guapo's family. Here she is with her older cousin (Guapo made her wear the disgusting Laker jersey):

There are now 11 grand kids on Guapo's side and these two are STILL THE ONLY GIRLS!

You've probably noticed I don't blog about her as much as I do the boys. I feel like I have to protect her privacy-I'm thinking at some point she won't want people having access to her life on the Internet. The boys are still younger and I mostly just blog about funny little things they say or do. She's kind of past that age so to blog about her I would have to give info I'm not sure she'd appreciate me giving out later on in life. I'm sure I'll reach that point with each of my kids as they grow up.

But, you should know she is a great girl. She is very talented in many ways and I hope she will take the time to develop those talents-especially now while she is young and has lots of free time. She is a great big sister, someone who can get along with just about anyone, almost always happy, independent and just a fun person to be around.

To celebrate, she had a small birthday party-3 friends came over; we went swimming and then out for sushi-one of the benefits of living all over the place-my kids will eat almost anything. Margarita LOVES sushi. She will even eat plain seaweed!

I gave Vanessa $25 to do a little "Brazilian-birthday-table-magic" She decided on a horse theme since Margarita loves horses:

I made the cake (totally professional looking, don't you think? not):

Happy Birthday Margarita! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. :) I love you!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I am tearing up here. I can't believe she is 10. I remember her teletubby party when she turned 1. She really is a terrific kid.

Happy Birthday Margarita!

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday, Margarita! You really are terrifice, you know? It's not just your mom who thinks so. Wish you could come by for a visit. Love you!

Ballerina Girl said...

I haven't known you for very long, but you are always the sweetest thing with me and my kids!
So glad that we have the chance to hang out with you and your family!

nikko said...

Happy Birthday!

andalucy said...

Great photos! I bet Margarita and Lidia would get along great--at least at lunch time. Lidia's favorite food is sushi and she also eats the seaweed plain.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Margarita!!! You are indeed a sweet, kind and generous young lady. We wish you all the best!

marine's words said...

Happy Birthday Margarita!!

Unknown said...

We became moms about a year apart. Zoe will turn 9 tomorrow. Margarita sounds like such a sweet daughter. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Aww, your sushi is so beautiful, your little girl too. Happy Birthday Margarita! (You made that sushi at home right? Mine is always overstuffed looking, yours looks perfect.)

marine's words said...

wow, can't belive you like Donny Osmond too!! thought I was too much older than you. you look 28 years old. I saw his moive last week call "Collgee Road Trip" its really funny !! its a good family movie about a young girl going away to college I think you will laugh your socks off!!I did! He will be in Las Vegas these summer and I want to go see him but my husband kind of doesn't really want to go Oh well I did try.
we like the same kind of stuff,please write your 100 thing ,it took me all weekend to come up with it and I only made 90.
Sometimes I still want to drive a stick schift car to see if I still remember !! have a nice day. marina

Awesome Mom said...

Happy birthday!!! Great pictures!

Janet said...

That's really sweet!
We knew for sure Sadie was a boy too and Steve said the exact same thing when she was born.
Sadie loves that story as I'm sure Margarita loves her story.

I have one picture of Jackson and Margarita together as babies. Maybe someday after his mission they can pick up where they left off...:)

Super Happy Girl said...

Happy Birthday Margarita!!
Whta a sweet girl and cute story. Vanessa did a great job with the decorations and your cake looks really fun :D

Sorry about the Laker jersey ;)

Lana said...

Happy Birthday Margarita!!

Janice said...

Toothsome #4 is my parents 20th grandchild and 5th granddaughter. My brother had two girls and I only have one other sister who has a girl. I feel the pain.

Kari said...

Awww! We miss you, Margarita! I'll have to show Teresa this blog. Thanks for sharing the pics.