Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Attempt to Stop Time

I know. It's been the Pedro Show around here lately.

Humor me here people.

I'm having a bit of a mid-life crisis-my baby turned one and now my oldest is about to turn 10. How am I old enough to have a kid in the double digits? I'm still like 24-right???

In an attempt to capture this moment in time I will share with you what Pedro is like right now.

  • Pedro is a super easy-going baby. Only a handful of times in his life, and those were all during the first few months, has he cried and I couldn't console him. He almost never cries. He whines when he's hungry or tired or really bored, but other than that the kid is just content.

  • Only on rare occasions does Pedro show his dark side:

  • Although Pedro didn't want to eat solids at first, he now eats pretty much everything. His favorite things are bananas, pasta, and mango.

  • Pedro is very coordinated, but also very cautious. It only took him one fall off the bed to remember that he has to turn himself around. He crawled at 8 months and is now standing by himself, but he doesn't walk yet even though his little legs are strong-I think he just doesn't want to fall. Once he starts walking, I'm pretty sure he'll run later the same day.

  • Pedro loves music. The magnetic toy in the photo above plays music when he hits the button. He spends a lot of his waking hours dancing in front of the fridge.

  • Pedro loves to make messes. He's recently learned how to turn on the bidet. Water + toliet paper = BIG MESS.

  • Pedro loves to swim. Margarita and I will stand in the pool about 3 ft apart and send him back and forth between us-he doesn't mind at all going under the water. When he comes up he claps.

  • If there's any category I'd give Pedro anything less than an A+ it would be in the sleep department. The kid still doesn't sleep through the night and I'm starting to wonder if he ever will. My body has pretty much adjusted to it so I'm not too tired. I do hope for a whole night's sleep in the year to come.

  • Pedro really has a thing for birds. My other kids have liked dogs and cats, but Pedro is a bird guy.

  • He only says two words right now with any regularity. "Bird" (see above), and "Meow" when he sees Ron or Kitty. Sometimes he'll say "Mama" and he used to say "bye-bye" but he's given that up for a simple wave.

  • Pedro got his first tooth at 7 1/2 months and now has 7 teeth.

  • Pedro wakes up happy.
  • Pedro makes me want to have 5 more babies just like him which really freaks Gaupo out.

I don't want him to grow up. How can I stop this from happening???


andalucy said...

Oh, cute! This is so sweet. I don't mind the Pedro fest at all. I can just picture him dancing and swimming! I think I want a Pedro, too! I'll have to tell J. I mean, "El Jefe." (When he heard that your husband gets to be "El Guapo," he decided that he wanted a cool name too.)

Problem is, I don't think J and I can make babies like that.

Janet said...

You're going to think I'm copying you because I have a very similar post drafted but haven't finished it yet. :)
Pedro and Justin are so much alike, it's weird!
p.s. We'll be in Utah at the beginning of July. :(
It would have been cool to see you guys 10 years later...

Kari said...

Awwww...great pictures! He looks like a lot of fun. (If you find out how to keep them from growing up, let me know...I never wanted my babies to stay babies, but I absolutely adore my 8, 10 and 12-year-olds now, and I do wish THEY would stay as they are!)

Ballerina Girl said...

Cute fotos of Pedro. We really need to get together so that I can just give him a hug! Imagine him with the pizza now!
Let's splash at the pool together soon!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I know I gotta get over my stereotyping, but it's so funny for me to see pictures of a blonde, fair child called Pedro. He is one cute little man. I want him to come over for a playdate!

And as soon as you figure out how to stop time, let me know. I spent my oldest's babyhood making him learn and grow and I'm spending my thrid's babyhood just trying to cuddle him hard enough that he will just STOP getting bigger. It doesn't work.

And my husband is also feraking out about the baby wanting thing...

nikko said...

When you figure out how to stop time, be sure to let me know, k?

Pedro is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Awww, so sweet. I felt the same way about my youngest, she is now one month shy of three and I know I still treat her like a baby. That is amazing that he doesn't mind putting his head underwater. Keep that up!


Anonymous said...

That bidet takes me back, I think Calandria and I were the only people in Central Maine who had one of those in our house. Our friends always used to turn it on and watch the water hit the ceiling, my mother got so frustrated with that! Cute pics.

utmommy said...

I've been wondering how to stop mine from growing up any more as well.

My oldest will be 10 tomorrow, and I've wondered the same thing; how can I be old enough to have a kid in the double digits?

Pedro is such a cutie! I love the bidget picture!

Shelah said...

Pedro is just the cutest! And I know how you feel about having an adorable one year-old and wanting a whole bunch more just like that one!

Janice said...

I soooooooooooooo can relate. Everytime I say to dentist husband, "She can't be our last" he looks at me like I am insane.

marine's words said...

I can relate too my son is now 6 and I still call him my baby,the other day at the store I saw mom with a newborn and my heart ache for another one, but I am in an ealier menopause bleive it or not have not..I haven't had a period for 13mos. its kind of sad I love it when I was pregnant with Franciso and he want's a bother or a sister so bad,
Gabs, enjoy everthing b/c they do grow up so fast I had my daughter at age 21 and now she is 25 and I can't remember a thing only that I fuss to much with her hair untangling it an all and I always had a ribbon in my prurse or a doll,
now I have a super hero or a car,,
life is funny that way,when I don't have my son I don't know what to do ,,
Just take your time with Pedro enjoy every thing b/c soon you know the will be off and running.
And at least your still 24 and can have more LOL!!!marina

Super Happy Girl said...

ITA with Nikko.
What a cutie! And what a happy and busy little guy he is :D

Grammy said...

It is a sad fact that you can not slow down time.

I remember when my oldest was 9 and the baby was 9 months, I commanded everyone to "FREEZE! Right where you are, all of you stop growing...right now." I thought they were perfect just as they were.

But this is pretty good too. My baby girl is having a baby girl (and grandma-hood is the GREATEST!)

Enjoy every step along the way. Your kids are all wonderful...sure wish I could see them in person.

Unknown said...

Pedro sounds like my Eleanor. If only all of the babies could be so good! Very cute pictures of him!

di said...

so sweet! i cannot believe how fast they grow! he is a cutie! seeing the swimming pictures makes me soooo excited for summer!