Thursday, March 20, 2008

Out of Town

We're going out of town in one hour (supposedly, Guapo still isn't home from work). It think it would be so nice to take trips as a man; just show up at the last second and everything that a family of six could possibly want or need for a weekend away is magically ready to go.

But, that's a post for another day (no time-I've got to get busy around here-the stuff isn't packing itself).

I don't even know where we're going. We had this guy over from Guapo's work about 6 weeks ago and he mentioned his family's house up in the mountains-it sounded so fun at the time, and now that it's upon me I'm not as enthused. First of all, I've only met this guy and his his fiancée (who only speaks Portuguese) that one time. Second of all-we have 4 kids. They're great kids and all, but they are kids none the less. And thirdly, traveling with a baby is just not high on my list of super fun things to do. Pedro's gear is going to take up half the car.

We are going to take our four kids to some house that's not kid proof to stay with people I barely know. Sounds like a good time?

Oh well.


Awwwww, my little baby.

We'll be back Saturday night.



Fabiola said...

Dear Gabriela,

I hope you enjoy the trip to the montains. I am thinking Petropolis. Am I right?

Have a nice Easter.


Ballerina Girl said...

YEA Pedro...I can't wait to see him taking more...
you'll have a good time. The mountain air is refreshing and you can just put out the 3 older ones outside, to figure out what every one of us did when summer vacation came along! They'll find something to do outside!
Love u, have fun!

utmommy said...

Yeah for Pedro!!

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

I totally wish, for once, hubby could pack everything and see how it is. But, I know that won't happen. Like you said, must be nice.

Awesome Mom said...

Have fun! I hate having to pack too. Sometimes I even have to pack for my husband which is totally unfair but necessary some times.

marine's words said...

I know what you mean whenever we travel I get stucking packing for everyone and my husband,most of my friend are coming back form spring break they went to Floida! we usually don't go anywhere dunring spring Break b/c my husband has too much work,but at least we got sea wrold pass!!

Have fun!! and I hope you enjoy your weedend!! marina

Maine Mom said...

Yay, Pedro!

Good luck this weekend. I hope it's less stressful than you anticipate. Have fun!!

Lana said...

I often think I'd like to be the man. Show up and go. I often think I'd like a wife~ someone who deals with all the crap/packing/throw up/cleaning/planning/cooking/family fun planning/gift buying/baby sitter finding/....

oh wait, I"m whineing.

I hope you had a great time!!

marine's words said...

Happy Easter Gabriela!! hope you had a nice one.

PS. silly me on my 100 post I thought you said you like Donny Osmond too miss read,, sorry!