Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Problem with Holidays in Expatlandia

Today is Labor Day here in Brazil. The kids don't have school, no one's (supposed to be) working.

Here's the problem. Because Guapo works for an AMERICAN COMPANY his comrades in the States are all at work on Brazilian (or Venezuelan or Mexican) holidays and therefore expect him to also be hard at work.

Well then, you ask, surely he gets American Holidays, right?

Nope, because we LIVE in Brazil and therefore he must be at work with all of the Brazilians (or Venezuelans or Mexicans).

See the problem?


Guapo, being the great guy he is, has found a way to keep me from freaking out on any and all national holidays where he feels it is absolutely necessary that he go to the office. Knowing what a frazzled mom I am, he takes Juan Carlos and Julio with him to his office. They make paper airplanes, run wild, play hide and seek, and guzzle all of the juices in the fridge.

He knows I can't say no a few hours of relaxation, and therefore I can't get on his case. He gets his work done and gets a happy wife.

But the gig will only last as long as Pedro continues to nap. As soon as he quits napping all bets are off.

I'll tell you who is really enjoying Labor Day. The Young Single Adults in our ward. We have offered to let them use our apartment for activities and they are taking us up on it. There are only about 5 YSA in our ward, but somehow we've got probably 50 people up on our roof right now, not all of them young nor single.

It's like Riverdance up there. They are dancing up a storm. And screaming. And laughing. And eating. They have brought us down 4 heaping plates of grilled meats in the last hour.

...strengthening my theory that Brazilians are just more fun than Americans (case in point: I'm down here hiding in my room blogging right now and not up there line dancing).


marine's words said...

wow,at least you get a break for a while lately mine son has been having too much engery when he comes home from school and the commute is long so when I get home I am tried of driving and need to rest a bit ,but my son wants to keep playing games,I think I will move to Brazil and have some fun and some maids and a nanny and a driver what a life Gab!!LOL!!
if you ever been to a Nail Solan you will laugh your head off come look at the youtube on my blog you will laugh yourself silly!!marina

Janice said...

You are a good woman and Guapo is a great man. How much longer in Brazil and then what is your next country?

smart mama said...

hey bloggig rocks- and hey i want some of those juices from the work fridge

Ballerina Girl said...

What a guy!
Please fill me in on the people on your roof???
We can line dance on your roof sometime...though a salsa or merengue is more my style :)
See you soon!

utmommy said...

Yeah for a break! I'd probably be doing the same thing as you.

Maine Mom said...

That is so great that you have figured out how to make a depressing situation one to look forward to. Juan Carlos and Julio must have so much fun going to work with their Dad since they get to have so much fun! And how nice of you to let the Young Single Adults party on your roof! They must think you are so cool!...even though you choose to blog instead of dance. :-)

Ballerina Girl said...

Hi again Gabriela
I just tagged you on my blog for a meme...
hope you don't mind, but you are about the only other person that I know that blogs.and Marina has already done a meme..
so..................Your turn :)
love ya!

andalucy said...

My husband sometimes has that same problem even though he lives and works from the U.S. Most of his customers are outside the U.S. and they expect him to be always available--they care nothing about our vacations or holidays. :-) But wait a sec--he doesn't take the kids to his office. If El Guape does it than I think El Jefe should, too.

J and I were recently talking about Latin party people vs. U.S. non-partiers and I was wondering if there are any introverts at all in places like Brazil. Have you ever met a Brazilian introvert?

andalucy said...

Oops, I meant "El Guapo," not "El Guape." hee hee

Kari said...

Hi! Frank just got back from Sao Paulo, and he says they have 26 paid holidays per year down there,(OK, not if the holiday falls on a weekend--they don't "make it up" or anything), and a MONTH of paid vacation, is a given. 4 WEEKS VACATION, and it's not only the higher-ups. It's the law for everybody. Wow!

(And yes that's totally unfair that your hubby "must go in" during all holidays...)

Super Happy Girl said...

But I bet they left some food for you, right?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I forgot to ask you if you use traditional or instant yeast. Thanks! Jill