Thursday, June 05, 2008

Laura Ingells Comes for a Visit

Ok, you have to be honest here. I am going to tell you something about my childhood and you have to tell me if you ever had the same thought. When I told Guapo about this a while back, he looked at me like I had two heads.

I loved watching Little House on the Prar1e when I was in elementary school (ok, and Jr. High too). Everyday, I would come home from school, fix myself a single-serving bowl of rice-krispy treats, and make myself cozy on my parent's bed to tune into the adventures of Laura.

Here's the "weird" part (or at least the part Guapo thinks is weird): I used to daydream about having Laura come to the future (my present) and stay with me. I was going to be the one to personally introduce her to all the cool stuff the 20th century had to offer. Cars, my comparatively huge house, my room I didn't have to share with anyone, refridgerators, chocolate chip cookies, my hamster, my toys. Everything! It only seemed fair, I tuned in to her life everyday, why shouldn't I share my life with her?

So, am I weird?

And now you are asking , "Why, exactly, are you bringing this up?"

Vanessa, our maid, had an interview to get a Visa to come to the States with us today and she "passed".

I will be traveling with my "maid" for 4 weeks this summer. And, introducing someone to the USA who would probably otherwise never have the opportunity in her life to go there makes me feel like I'm going to be showing Laura around my life. Can you imagine going to Target if you'd never seen anything like it? Her head is going to be spinning.

I have mixed feelings about taking her. Will she get homesick? Will I go crazy? I like my privacy. I love to be alone. I realize that I will be the freak mom with a "nanny" to whom I am speaking Portuguese (as far as they know!).

However, traveling with 4 kids internationally by myself sounds a lot like torture. I will be in the States for a total of 7 weeks, but Guapo can't come until after the 3rd week. So, she will travel with me for the dreaded 12 hour flight, help out those first few weeks when Guapo's not there, and then stay for a week after he gets there so we can do all the fun stuff we always want to do but never can because one of our kids is always too young.

Every summer since we started this lifestyle, I have contemplated taking a maid with us, but I have never done it because mostly my maids have annoyed the crap out of me. But, Vanessa is fairly non-annoying, so it might work.

I'm praying that it works and I'm not kicking myself a week into it.

You can be sure I'll be blogging all about it...


My Full Hands said...

It sounds like a great adventure for you and her, I hope it works out well and that you get to "live your dreams" showing her all the perks the US has!

Glad you are feeling better!

Janice said...

You are one brave woman. I don't think I could do it. I get tired of my neighbors staying in my yard too long talking!

Fabiola said...

I do hope she won´t be home sick and she will enjoy the life in US. It is really funny, because I work out on the other side of the street of the American Embassy in Big City. When I passed by today, I remembered you.

I think I will ask you for a peanutt butter jar ; )


Jules said...

I LOVE Little House on the Prairie!!!
So does this mean we will being you here this summer?? PLEASE!!!

Ballerina Girl said...

yes! congrats!
I think it will be a mix of all those emotions...excitement at first, miss home at some point, frustrated that she is still there, loving it when you and Guapo can do whatever whenever for that one week.....
I just hope she doesn't see too many new shets that she likes! LOL!
My advice...set the limits and draw the line BEFORE you step a foot into any wonderful place like Target!
Lucky you...see you soon!

nikko said...

Wow! I would agree that it would be nice to have another adult around to manage the kiddos. It could be weird, though, too. Good luck with everything! Where will you be visiting?

utmommy said...

I hope it turns out to be a good thing to bring her along.

I used to love Laura too. Although I've never had the same dream.

Marina said...

yes,I like Laura too and I was a bit like you thinking the same thing.
You have to see the move Enchanted sleeping beautiy coming to the 21centery you will fall in love and your kids will love too.
Yes, nannies can be annoying at times I will keep you in my prayers all goes well don't let her see the sheets at Marshall's or Ross or Target she will get ideas LOL!!! have a nice day and I am so glad you feeling well.marina

Calandria said...

I used to have that very same daydream!!

Sounds like there are a lot of pros and not too many cons to taking the maid as nanny. I'm sure it will work out fine.

Heather said...

I have been watching episodes of Little House on DVD with Ellie. She prances around the house all the time talking to Pa and Ma and Laura. I once told my sister that Laura Ingalls was trapped inside the big TV stand barrel in our house. She used to stuff bread bits and stuff in the holes to feed her. That Laura Ingalls is seriously a part of many a childhood delusion. :)

k-squared's mom said...

I'm sure all will be well. Just imagine ALL the shopping you can do "efficiently" when you don't have to worry about the kids. And the fun "dates" you and Guapo can take! Enjoy and good luck!

Janet said...

Seriously, I used to fake sick to stay home and watch Little House. I'm even weirder though. I used to wish I lived back then because reading the LH books made it sound so fun. :) I watch the DVD's with the kids now.
Have fun on your trip!

Maine Mom said...

I watched "Little House on the Prairie" as well and have introduced it to my children. I never thought to introduce Laura to my life, but I think it's a neat idea, not weird. :-) I think it will be nice for you to have your maid with you instead of traveling alone. I'm sure it will have its challenges, but I think you'll appreciate having the extra help. Good luck!

No Cool Story said...

I super loved Little House. No, I never imagined meeting pioneer Laura and introducing her to modern USA but I'd imagine we were best friends ;)
We traveled with our maid when I was little and my mom only had 3 kids. I hope it turns out good for you AND that her head doesn't explode inside of Target (I know mine did!)

txmommy said...

our whole family watched Little House every week together. We loved it. We loved laughing at Mrs. Olsen and that ridiculous Nellie. I secretly thought I was Laura and loved it when she fell in love with Manly. Okay. I never thought about bringing her to my life though, you are creative!

have fun with your maid. I hope it goes great and that the summer is awesome!

Kari said...

Hi, Gabriela! Just the other day I had a Maid Flashback, I was in Target and I imagined Mari with me and how strange I first thought it was, seeing that in Mexico City!

She will make it much less overwhelming to have all your kids with you. Even if she only entertains ONE at a time, that's ONE less for your 2 hands, right?

Darci said...

She will love it. You will have to hunt down all the Brasilians around and introduce her. We have 3 families in our stake and we are in a tiny town so they are everywhere. Enjoy her!!

momofalltrades said...

How funny! I ran away from home once because Laura did it. I even used her "Talk to God" excuse. No dice. My parents weren't fans.

I think it's totally cool you decided to take her. What a load off your shoulders...especially since she doesn't annoy you like some of the others have.