Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too Much to Blog, to Little Time to Blog it

Well, we are a week and a half into our summer vacation. I have tons to blog about but not a lot of free time- we are busy all day long having fun and eating all the foods we have missed the last year.

So, here's a little recap.

Ode to Colorado

Every time I step foot in Colorado I wonder why we live anywhere else. I love everything about the state of my youth: the seasons, the mountains, the sunsets, how it smells, the parks, our house, everything. I'm glad we get an entire month here this summer.

And of course, it's always wonderful to go home to my parents and feel like a kid again. Here's my dad with Juan Carlos at the park:

My parents borrowed a trampoline from their neighbors and the kids have been jumping hours each day which has made bedtime a lot easier.

Why my mom is a bad woman

She made me do this (don't worry Guapo, they were really, really cheap. I promise):

and I think she may be expecting (or she was going to play basketball with Julio):


She is thoroughly enjoying the States. Especially the shopping. Of the $1,200 we are paying her for the 4 weeks she's here, she only has $50.00 left (she did leave half of it at home with her family before we even left, but still). It could be a long 2 1/2 weeks for her!

My parents have lots of squirrels around their house-every time she sees one she screams so loud that it freaks me out and jumps up to find her camera she must have 300 pictures of squirrels doing various squirrel activities.

The squirrels are only trumped by the raccoons-they come up on my parents deck every night to steal the squirrel's peanuts. A few nights ago she stayed up until 2:00 am waiting for the masked beasts.

I guess the excitement over the wildlife shouldn't surprise me, I go crazy over the monkeys in Brazil and the Brazilians don't seem all that impressed by them. But squirrels?

Sunday she went to a Rockies game with my dad; they sat 5 rows behind home plate. She forgot her camera. 300 pictures of squirrels and none of America's Favorite Pastime. My dad was buying people drinks to take pictures of her and then email them. As far as I know, no pictures have been received yet.

Oh, I almost forgot the funniest thing. H1gh School Musical 2. Everyday. Sometimes twice a day. She has got a serious crush on Troy. I bought her this Troy jewelry set as a joke and she's been wearing it ever since. I have to admit, it is helping her English a lot-she is doing great communicating. I kind of feel bad for her husband though...


I have been so excited to bring Pedro to the States so he could try all of the cool new baby/toddler foods available.

The kid won't eat anything that he didn't eat in Brazil. He refuses. Shakes his little head and purses his lips together. I am so disappointed.

Same goes for people. He hasn't warmed up to anyone and wants me to hold him

Here he is earning his keep:

Luxury Vacation

I was so worried about not enjoying the trip having an extra person always around, and now I am worried I have ruined all future vacations. I kind of feel like a movie star with my entourage-if I am carrying Pedro, Vanessa takes my bag or vice versa. I can take time with each kid and when Pedro is sleeping, I can leave and do something fun with the big kids. She helps pick up after everyone which is so helpful. I can go out for a run and not feel like I am impositioning anyone.

This is the way to travel!!!


Janice said...

Sounds so fun! I wish I were in Boulder with you!

Ballerina Girl said...

sounds great Gabs!
I just went to the mall for the first time...
AGH, I bought a new pair of shoes too...
SSHHHH don't tell my husband :)
and a dress and oooooohhhhhh...
go and check out Bath and Body Works....creams, shower gels and splash on sale for ok, sit down and think of all the teacher's you will need for next year....
Glad to hear it is going so well!
Miss you

Anonymous said...

Very charming pregnant grandma picture! How else can one carry a basketball on a bike?

Maine Mom said...

I am so glad you are having a great time and having Vanessa there is working out so great! I am all for wearing the kids out during the day, so they'll go to bed good at night. :-)
Your parents look like so much fun! I bet your kids love being around them.
Keep enjoying your vacation and keep us posted when you can.
Love the shoes!

txmommy said...

cute shoes!
Glad you are having so much fun :)

k-squared's mom said...

SO happy for you (and a little envious too!). The kids have grown so much.
Enjoy crossing off your to-do/buy-list!

Marina said...

love the shoe's a girl can never have enough!!:)
poor vanessa I can't belive she has spent most fo her money and her trip is not over yet :(!! did she buy a lot sheets? LOL!!

Kari said...

Hi, Gabriela--

Perfect shoes.

I agree on Colorado--One step away from heaven.

No Cool Story said...

Of course the shoes were really cheap.

Squirrels and chipmunks, can't have too many pictures of those.

Happy visiting!!!