Saturday, June 14, 2008

The List

First off, let me apologize for being a bad blog friend. Something is wacky with Bloglines, it has stopped tracking several of my favorite blogs. If you haven't seen me around your blog for a while, that's why.

Ok. On to "The List". Julio (7 years old) has been making very long, very detailed lists that include super cute drawings, about what he wants to do during our trip the States. Unfortunately, his medium of choice always seems to be pencil, so I'm not going scan it, but I am going to type the list out, just as he has it (read: I don't have to spell check because you'll never know if it was a typo, or that's how he spelled it).

We will be making three stops on our trip: Texas, Colorado, and Utah. His list is therefore divided into three parts:


  • play with Mariana and Daved (my friends' grandkids)
  • Play with Lady (my friends' dog)
  • go swimming
  • sleepovers
  • shop
  • backyard
  • hide and seek
  • go shoping with Nathan (Nathan in my friends' 17 year old son, I'm sure he'll be thrilled)
  • make a worolpool (he means whirlpool; the kids get into the jacuzzi and run around the edge in a circle and get going really fast)

Coloradow (not a typo folks)

  • alpine slide
  • bickes (bikes)
  • hicking (hiking)
  • Hot-tub
  • Sand-box
  • Say hello to Daian (Diane is my mom's neighbor)
  • eat lunch at Chuky cheese
  • eat sireeal for breckfast (cereal)
  • play outside
  • go to the park
  • play bachy (bocci-you know, lawn bowling)
  • go to the rexseter (rec center)
  • shoping for toys


  • play with the cosons (cousins)
  • coson camp (cousin camp-hosted by my very brave MIL each summer)
  • swim in stream
  • catch snakes (not while I'm there I hope!)
  • cousin sleep together
  • cool toy store
  • water park
  • tag in yard
  • fireworks
  • build a bear work shop
  • water fountins (fountains-the ones at Gateway)
  • Temple square

So, there's our list for the summer! I would make a few additions, like eating some decent ice cream, drinking LOTS of milk, and drinking directly from the faucet after I brush my teeth.

T minus 26 hours and I'm not all the way packed. Agggggggh!!!

Maid update: Vanessa is seriously scared to get on the plane. It didn't help her last week to watch the news coverage about that plane in Sudan that caught on fire after it had crash landed.

She called today to ask me if the seats on a plane are very close together, because she doesn't want to be alone. She'll soon see how annoyingly close they are!

I am feeling relieved that she will be there to help me on the flight, but also like I will be traveling with 5 kids instead of 4!

Signing out until Houston.


Janet said...

$11 for a bottle scrubber?! Sheesh!

I love the list Julio made! I hope he gets to do it all!
I'm hosting our very first (maybe annual, if I survive) Cousin Camp next month so you'll have to blog about that so I can steal some ideas. :)

Abby said...

I LOVE that he wrote "cousin sleep together." That is so cute! It's great that a few of you have kids so close in age--I bet they have tons of fun together. Ours will be a bit behind:) And, I too hope that I am not around when they catch snakes--yikes!

Oh- and I don't generally call Matt 'Matty', it somehow just appears in text or if I'm making fun of him (which hardly *ever* happens of course). Tell Guapo he should call him Matty as much as possible, though;)

Janice said...

I love the Gateway fountains. Actually, most of the things he mentioned sound fun, including saying hi to your mom's neighbor and shopping with a cute 17 year old boy.

Maine Mom said...

I think Julio has done a great job planning out the activities for your trip. I love the cousin camp idea! What a great way to get the cousins together.

Good luck and stay safe! I look forward to hearing about your flight. :-)

My Full Hands said...

Eat cereal. LOL. How my children would die if they couldn't have their precious cereal. I hope Julio enjoys this "treat" as well as everything else on the lists! Good luck on the flight!

momofalltrades said...

Love the list! My kids are currently doing a bunch of those too. It's like they like to see the concreteness of something new to do. Hope you have a great flight and an AWESOME vacation!

Marina said...

No wounder I havent seen you around (I thought maybe you got tried of my post) :)
your son is too cute.
I am so happy for you coming to the states and all I can't wait to read all your great stories and of course lets not forget the nanny please tell us what she thinks of the states it well be very different for her.
have a great flight and have fun in the sun!!:),marina

txmommy said...

what a wonderful plan!

jd said...

Sounds like a great plan. Good luck on the flight. Hope Vanessa has smooth ride:)

Calandria said...

So what does Julio usually eat for breakfast?

The lists are so cute! I hope that all of his wildest dreams come true. :-)

Good luck on your flight.

Calandria said...

Ok, so now I see that you already took the flight. I hope it went well.

smart mama said...

fabulous list then can't wait to see everything checked off

Kari said...

Hola, Gabriela! Great list, my favorite is "rexseter." Travel safely!

No Cool Story said...

Great summer list!
You are going to have tons of fun.
Take care, read ya later!!

nikko said...

I hope you all are having great fun and hopefully Vanessa survived the trip.

I love Julio's lists!